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Lisa Hazard went Missing from Residence of her Mother
Liza Hazard

Lisa Hazard went Missing from Residence of her Mother

Liza Hazard Missing

Liza Hazard’s friend Eddie Pimental of Taunton is resolute in his endeavour to raise awareness concerning his friend Lisa Hazard, who remains unaccounted for. “I shall not relinquish my pursuit of her finding until I possess indisputable evidence that confirm her well-being and vitality,” declared Pimental.


Hazard, who turned 29 in March, reportedly disappeared. Subsequently, she was going to visit her 3-year-old son at the domicile of his biological progenitor in New Bedford. According to Pimental, he last engaged in conversation with Hazard on the evening of March 4, 2019. She apprised him of her preparations for departing New Bedford en route to a substance rehabilitation facility. She was organizing her belongings at that time.

Basic Information

Hazard was a native of Taunton. She’s an alumna of Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School. She had been splitting her time between her mother’s abode in Fall River and Pimental’s residence in Taunton.

On the day of journey to New Bedford, Pimental asserted that Hazard embarked from Fall River. Hazard’s family notified the Fall River Police of her disappearance. Nevertheless, it was not prove fruitful until early June. Then Pimental persistently contacted the Fall River Police, including the office of the chief. He even reached out to the mayor’s office. As a result, a press release was disseminated to media outlets by the police. It identified Hazard as a missing individual. Police beseeched the public’s aid in locating her.

George Scott

George Scott III, the offspring of former Major League Baseball player George Scott, was found lifeless alongside his eight-year-old son. Apparently the murder/suicide took place at his residence in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This heart-wrenching incident occurred merely two weeks subsequent to law enforcement agencies conducting a search for Lisa Hazard, the child’s mother.

The authorities were alerted for a wellness check. Upon their arrival, they encountered the lifeless bodies of Scott III and his son, Dante. Resultingly spokesperson for the district attorney’s office conveyed that it was believed Scott terminated the life of his son before committing suicide. A large numer of knives were discovered at the scene. ubsequently it procured as evidence.

George’s Profile

George Scott III, who was on the footsteps of his father, pursued a vocation in professional baseball during the 1990s. He competed for various minor league teams. He lauded his father’s athletic prowess, describe him as one of the most exceptional athletes.

Dante, the eight-year-old child, was Lisa Hazard’s son. Liza went missing in March 2019.

The authorities regarded Scott III as a person of interest in her disappearance. Eventually, this tragic series of events unfolded shortly after the district attorney’s office executed a search warrant at the aforementioned residence.

Investigation Scenario

According to a Facebook page dedicated to finding her, Lisa Hazard was last seen departing from the residence of her mother in Fall River on March 4, 2019. The authorities confronted with the task of scrutinizing the evidence pertaining to both cases. They investigate for further comprehension of this heartrending situation.

What Befell Lisa Hazard?

The disappearance of Lisa Hazard remains an enigma. She was last seen on March 4, 2019. She departed for the abode of her son’s father in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Unfortunately her absence reported a month later, on April 23, 2019.

Her family and friends harbour apprehension for her safety. She has not contact with anyone. While she struggled with substance addiction and mental health concerns. Her family firmly believes that she would not have voluntarily vanished.

The Fall River Police Department diligently investigated her disappearance. Yet they were unable to uncover any leads. They have scoured the places she frequently visited. The police interviewed her acquaintances and relatives. It followed up all tips received. But regrettably, nothing yielded results.

Liza Hazard

Lisa Hazard stands at a height of 5’9″ and weighs 110 lbs. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Additionally, she bears an Aries tattoo on her right wrist.

Growing concern for Hazard’s well-being grips her family and friends. She did not communicate with anyone since her disappearance. Here are some supplementary particulars regarding Lisa Hazard’s vanishing:


Apparently, she was last donning black sweatpants and brown boots.


Hazard sports an Aries symbol tattoo on her right wrist.

Known Areas:

She frequently visited Fall River, New Bedford, and Taunton.


Hazard grappled with substance addiction and mental health challenges.

Rehabilitation Facility:

On the night she went missing, she scheduled to head to a substance rehabilitation centre.

Abandoned Vehicle:

Her vehicle abandoned in New Bedford.

The authorities and Hazard’s loved ones remain hopeful that some individuals possess information regarding her will come forward. They must aid to bring closure of this perplexing case.

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