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Google Algorithm Update – Change in Policy Terms and Conditions

Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm .Google is a large technology company that specializes in Internet-related services. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded it in 1998. They transformed it frequently as we can access and interact with information today. The unique Google algorithm of search engine, advertising platforms and productivity suite (G Suite) made it an unavoidable part of modern life. Google’s devotion to …

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How to Open and Start a Payoneer Account in Pakistan


Payoneer is a popular digital payment platform that allows people and businesses to accept payments from overseas customers and marketplaces. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner in Pakistan, opening a Payoneer account will help you extend your global reach and receive payments more efficiently. In this article, I will try to guide you through the steps of opening …

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Stripe – How to use the Service in Pakistan


Stripe is a financial service provider company that offers a variety of payment options for internet businesses. This platform allows businesses to receive payments from clients, manage subscriptions and distribute payouts to third parties. Stripe provides services like payment processing, fraud detection and prevention, and analytics tools. Stripe Connect enables marketplaces and platforms to manage payments and settlements for vendors …

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Memory Full Problem – Solutions to Free Up Android Storage

Memory Full Problem

Mobile memory refers to mobile devices internal and external memory capacity, which is used to store a variety of data such as Apps, images, videos, music or documents etc. Internal storage is normally ranges from 16GB to 1TB. There are many solutions to manage external storage such as microSD cards allow for capacity expansion of up to 2TB or more. …

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Save Laptop – When It Gets Wet – Quick Solutions


If your laptop becomes wet with water, juice, tea, coffee or any type of liquid spills over it, you must take action promptly to prevent harm. Here are a few ways to save your gadget. Turn off Immediately Turn off your laptop right away to avoid any short circuits that could cause additional damages. Unplugging Unplug all of cords, including …

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