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Case Of Julie Ann

Julie Ann Weflen was born on May 3, 1959. But by 1987, Julie was married to a man named Mike and worked for the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in Washington State as a power operator. Julie was one of the few female operators in the company and according to the Charley Project: “her duties included energizing and de-energizing power equipment, …

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Vanishing of Lory

Lori Paige is a Black, 12 year old girl from Tallahassee, Florida. She is a seventh grader at Griffin Middle School. She was extremely smart, focused, and studious. Her teacher said she would run between classes to make sure she wasn’t tardy. She would be distraught after getting a low test score. Her teachers said how dedicated she was to …

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Mary Jane Doe – Who Was She?

Mary Jane Doe

Mary Jane Doe or Tabetha Ann Slain Murlin? A construction worker renovated a house in the 3500 block on May 15, 1992. The place was Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Reynolds Street. He discovered a set of severely decomposed human remains, wrapped in a blanket in the basement. ~ Investigators determined the remains of a woman who was in her early 20s. …

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Betty Lou Japel and Kenneth Miller Mystery Case

Betty Lou Japel and Kenneth Miller

Sixty-nine year old Betty Lou Japel and her husband, Kenneth Miller lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle in the early 2000s. They crisscrossing the United States in their 1970s RV, so they were both in sporadic touch with their loved ones. Hence, it took several months for reporting the couple as missing. It’s unclear what date they were last alive. A bank accounts indicated …

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Thomas Vandiver, Beatrice and Wanda – Unsolved Case

In the Southern Indiana Hoosier National Forest, near the sleepy town of English, lies Hemlock Cliffs. This 1.2 mile loop trail, Hemlock Cliffs, entices hikers with breathtaking views, towering cliffs, hidden caves, cascading waterfalls and fantastical rock formations sculpted by time. However, there lurks a mystery beneath its beauty. The disappearance of the Thomas Vandiver and family, seemingly swallowed whole …

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