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Star Softball Player Stab to Paralyse by Former Partner
Star Madison

Star Softball Player Stab to Paralyse by Former Partner

Star Softball Player Stabbed

A renowned high school softball prodigy finds herself paralysed after reportedly enduring multiple stab wounds inflicted by her former romantic partner, as indicated by the police.

Spencer Ross Pearson faces charges of two counts of premeditated attempted murder. One count of aggravated assault resulting in permanent disability of the star through the use of a lethal weapon. An arrest warrant issued by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

It remains uncertain whether Pearson has entered a plea or obtained legal representation to address these charges on his behalf.

Law enforcement authorities recount that Pearson (18) allegedly assaulted several individuals. It happened outside a restaurant in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, last Saturday.

According to reports from the Florida Times-Union, two of the victims have been identified as Madison Schemitz and her mother, Jaclyn “Jacki” Roge.

Madison (17) and Roge (43) rendezvoused with friends at Mr. Chubby’s Wings over the weekend. Whereas they noticed Pearson seated at an adjacent table.

In an effort to evade Pearson, Madison and her mother left the establishment. But were purportedly assaulted moments later in the parking lot.

According to authorities, Pearson attacked Madison from behind. He immobilizing her and proceeded approximately 15 stab wounds, according to eyewitness testimonies.

Mother of victim allegedly stabbed in the head and leg too. Additionally, a bystander who managed to disarm Pearson suffered injuries during the incident.

Following the attack, Pearson resorted to slitting his own throat in a suicide attempt.

In an interview with WTLV-TV, distal of Madison, Tatiana Cruceta, affirmed that the stabbing has resulted in star’s paralysis. However, the family remains optimistic that with time, Madison will regain her ability to participate in softball.

Madison is a valiant fighter, without a doubt. She will triumph over this ordeal. I am confident she will emerge as a star from this hospital, Cruceta shared with the outlet. Adding that Madison has already undergone multiple surgical procedures.

Madison possesses the most kind-hearted demeanor, perpetually radiating a smile”, Cruceta further expressed. Therefore, when I answered the phone, we all affectionately refer to her as ‘Sass’ which is her nickname. I asked her, ‘How are you doing, Sass? How do you feel?’ And she replied, ‘Oh, just splendid.’ So, she managed to crack jokes and demonstrate her strength.

Madison and the perpetrator were previously in a romantic relationship. Authorities assert that starting in April 2023, he began stalking and harassing Madison subsequent to their breakup.

There were issues in the past after their separation, where he menaced her safety”, Cruseda conveyed. My mother intended to secure a restraining order against him. Thus indicating that this act was undoubtedly premeditated.

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