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Exploring the Rich Diversity of Pakistani Bread (Roti)

Bread (Roti)

In my fondest childhood memories, I used to accompany my father to get breakfast, if we wanted to eat anything special. It was in mostly Bakarkhani, Girday (Roghni Naan) or Halwa Puri. Mom made me a Paratha Omelette, which I finished before my school lunch break. While recalling sweet memories, I had the idea of writing about traditional bread varieties. …

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Candy Crush Saga: How to Smash Frog Dilemma

Candy Crush Saga I used to play Candy Crush Saga back in 2015. I completed 284 levels but never attempted to save them. My siblings used to set time to next in order to get more lives. Then the time goes thousands of hours ahead. I took a break from Candy Crush Saga. Then I returned to the arena in …

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حریمِ عشق | سیدہ غزل زیدی

حریمِ عشق از غزل زیدی کروں سجدہ ایک خدا پڑھنے کے بعد میں سیدہ غزل زیدی کی مزید کتب پڑھنے کا خواہاں تھا۔ لیکن کسی نہ کسی وجہ سے یہ کام التوا میں پڑ جاتا تھا۔ میرا ماننا ہے جو کام جس وقت خیر کے ساتھ لکھا ہوتا ہے، تب ہی ہوتا ہے۔ مصنفہ کی چند کتب 2023 میں شائع …

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The Railway Men (Review) – Tragic, Emotional but Inspiring

The Railway Men is a captivating series. It takes viewers on a gripping journey through the tragic Bhopal gas leakage incident of 1984 and its aftermath. This is a story of a few heroes who rise to save several lives, on the night of a massive disaster. The Railway Men is hard hitting, powerful and undoubtedly one of the best …

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London: Exploring The Top 10 Historic Tourist Places


London, United Kingdom My younger brother went to England to further his education. Because he was aware of my interest, he sent me videos of various locations on a regular basis. Why don’t I write about tourist attractions in London? This was a random question that came to mind. If I ever get the chance to visit England, London would …

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