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Luis "Luisito" Guillermo Lopez Lugo
Luis "Luisito" Guillermo Lopez Lugo

Luis Guillermo Lopez Lugo Disappearance | Porto Rico

Luis "Luisito" Guillermo Lopez Lugo

A few months ago, I perused the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. I chanced upon the profile of Luis “Luisito” Guillermo Lopez Lugo. Lopez Lugo disappeared on June 20, 1998, from the Playa de in Guayanilla, Puerto Ricom. He was 9 years . According to his profile at the NCMEC, “He was last sighted on June 20, 1998, in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. He was donning azure shorts with a white shirt. A scar adorns his left eyebrow” (NCMEC). That constitutes the meager amount of information concerning his circumstances. Concurrently, the DOE Network and NamUs profiles corroborate the identical circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

I delved deeper into my online search for additional details on his case. I observed that investigation grown frigid, lacking any recent updates. Moreover, disparate websites I encountered presented differing accounts of the circumstances surrounding his vanishing. For instance, America’s Most Wanted Fans website proclaims, “Luis was last seen pedaling his bicycle in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, on June 20, 1998. He never resurfaced. There exists the possibility of his current residence being New York state. The facts encompassing his case remain nebulous”. Similarly, Para Tus Hijo states, “On June 20, 1998, approximately at 1:00 PM. The child ventured out to ‘La Batea,’ the local baseball field. Subsequently, no further reports received regarding his whereabouts. This event unfolded in the La Playa de Guayanilla sector. The boy resided with his maternal grandmother”.

Hence, considering this amassed information, I find it rather peculiar that the last two sources present discrepant accounts when compared to the information provided by the NCMEC, DOE Network, and NamUs. The origins and contributors of the incongruous information remain ambiguous. Furthermore, how does the possibility of Luis ending up in New York even arise? According to Para Tus Hijos and America’s Most Wanted Fans, Luis cohabitated with his maternal grandmother.

Is it conceivable that perhaps one of his parents abducted him? transported to New York under an assumed identity? This supposition necessitates the existence of familial ties in New York. However Para Tus Hijos and America’s Most Wanted Fans, are secondary in nature. They may not warrant full reliability as opposed to the primary and reputable websites.

While engaging in further exploration, I felt compelled to consult Google Maps to locate Guayanilla and the Playa de Guayanilla sector. I wanted to endeavor of identifying the baseball park known as “La Batea,” to which he was supposedly headed. Surprisingly, the sector’s map does not reveal the lpresence of any baseball park whatsoever. The only discovery I made within proximity is the Softball Magas Arriba Park, situated between the Magas Arriba and Bahía Guayanilla 2 sectors. This particular baseball park lies a mere 6-minute drive or a 44-minute walk away from Luis’s residence. Moreover, a highway separates Playa de Guayanilla from Magas Arriba and Bahía Guayanilla 2.

It is worth mentioning that these sectors are situated in a secluded rural area, surrounded by extensive fields and woods. However, it is plausible that the map of Playa de Guayanilla underwent changes over the years, potentially rendering the existence of a baseball park in the past. Presently, the only discernible structure in the area is a basketball court.

This case strikes me as highly enigmatic, fraught with numerous discrepancies evident in the diverse information sources. Despite my efforts to scour social media platforms for any potential posts from family members, I found nothing. Information regarding his family remains elusive. The only notable discovery I encountered was a tweet response, approximately 9 years ago, from an individual stating, “We miss him, come back Luisito,” accompanied by a missing poster photo of Luis. Remarkably, the responder hails from the same location as Luis. It remains uncertain whether there is a familial connection or if the responder possesses a mere acquaintance with the case.

Regrettably, the absence of updates on this case, its eventual stagnation, saddens me. It perplexes me that this case never garnered media coverage or any substantial attention. There’s no information pertaining to the investigation or possible leads. Family members have refrained from posting about Luis on social media, leaving the matter cold and disheartening.

If indeed he resided with his maternal grandmother, I ponder whether she still exists and the anguish she must have experienced at the loss of her grandson. It seems as though the Puerto Rico Police Department has forsaken the case, or perhaps their efforts to unearth further leads proved futile. Were any attempts made to investigate the plausibility of Luis’s alleged relocation to New York? The origin and veracity of this information perplex me. I wonder if his family pines for him, persisting in their search, or if they succumbed to resignation or, worse yet, if he remains bereft of any surviving family members.

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