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6 Women found Dead near Oregon in 3 Months
6 Women found Dead near Oregon in 3 Months

6 Women found Dead near Oregon in 3 Months

6 Women Dead

6 women have been discovered deceased within a radius of 100 miles from each other over the past three months. They have affiliations to the broader Portland region, primarily in sylvan or sequestered rural localities. All the women were under the age of 40.

The common thread that binds these women’s fatalities and disappearances remains ambiguous. The Portland Police Bureau and the sheriff’s departments in Multnomah, Polk, Clark, and Clackamas counties carry out their investigations.

All these women either resided in or around Oregon. Two bodies were unearthed on the same day. While two others found lifeless within a mere three mile radius in Southeast Portland.

Spokesperson of Portland Police, Sergeant Kevin Allen mentioned that the Police Bureau has been inundated with inquiries of the six fatalities. However, they can only provide details regarding the two cases under their investigation.

February 19:

Kristin Smith (22) daughter of Gresham Smith was reportedly missing on December 22. Human remains discovered in woods, near SouthEast Deardorff Road and Flavel Street in the Pleasant Valley. This vicinity is in the neighbourhood of SouthEast Portland. Portland police promptly reached on the occasion. The Police officially identified the remains as those of Smith on May 25.

Law enforcement officials and county investigators meticulously combed the area in search of evidence. At present, the Multnomah County medical examiner has yet to ascertain the cause of death.

April 8:

Police and firefighters discovered remains of JoAnna Speaks (32) of Oregon on April 8. The Clark County police found lifeless body inside a barn, located on an abandon property in Ridgefield, Washington. It is approximately 22 miles North of Portland. According to a report, the deceased was at the property near the 800 block, 5th Street in Ridgefield around 6 PM.

The county medical examiner concluded that Speaks succumbed to blunt head and neck injuries.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office suspected this death as a homicide. Speaks’ body was intentionally relocated to its discovery site.

April 24:

Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies discovered Perry’s remains shortly after 1:30 PM. It found at the intersection of East Historic Columbia River Highway and Northeast Tumalt Road. The place is near Ainsworth State Park in Eastern Multnomah County. The Sheriff’s office already cited an ongoing investigation into a suspicious death. So it refrained from releasing further information.

According to the Sheriff’s office, Perry (24) was frequently go to the vicinity of SouthWest Washington Street and Fourth Avenue, downtown Portland during early March. This area was once home to the Washington Center building. This was a former open-air fentanyl market that cleared by the police in April. It happened when eleven people suffered overdoses in a single night. Three of which were fatal.

April 24:

Unidentified woman officials discovered a body of a woman on April 24. The location was near Interstate 205 and Flavel Street in the Lents neighbourhood of SouthEast Portland. This is less than three miles away from where Smith’s remains found. It coincides with the discovery of Perry’s body in Eastern Multnomah County.

The Multnomah County Medical Examiner is seeking the public assistance in identifying this woman. The woman was possibly of Native American or Alaskan Native descent, between the age of 25 and 40. Her hair were black with medium length. She stood slightly above 5 feet tall, weighing 135 pounds. She bore two prominent scars on her left lower leg.

Furthermore, officials have noted two distinct tattoos on the woman. One black music note with the letter V on the left side of her upper chest. Another was image of Buddha on her upper back, towards the right. She adorned rings and bracelets. She was donning a green long-sleeve shirt, a black-and-white zip-up jacket, jeans and black-and-white Adidas cleats.

April 30:

Officials discovered remains of Bridget Leann Ramsey Webster (31) of Milwaukie on April 30 around 2:30 PM. The body found on Harmony Road near Mill Creek in North-Western Polk County. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office investigated the suspicious death. The report indicated that Webster frequently visited the Portland metro area. She particularly wondered in Portland, Oregon City, and Milwaukie.

May 07:

Ashley Real (22) of Portland went missing on March 27 in SouthEast Portland. She was last seen departing from a fast-food restaurant. It located in the 12000 block of SouthEast Division Street, according to the Portland Police.

On May 7, a man was fishing at a pond in the 29000 block of SouthEast Judd Road in the Eagle Creek area. He contacted emergency services after spotting human remains in the densely woods region. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office identified the body as Real’s on May 31. Police was actively investigating this suspicious death.

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