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George Orwell

1984 is a very serious book. But when I sat down to write a review I couldn’t help yet recalling a joke I read about it. So I am sharing it here with you too.


Him: Do you like to read books?
Her: yes I love it.
Him: Which is your favourite book?
Her: 1984
Him: So many????
The novel 1984 tells, a totalitarian government ruled England as the “Party”. A totalitarian form of government prohibits all opposition parties, outlaws individual and groups against to the state. It claims and excersises extremely tight, if not completely, private life.

The main character of 1984 Winston Smith, represents an ordinary citizen working in the Ministry of truth. This ministry works on destroying or modifying the actual truth existing in books, newspapers. They create new truths to suit the agenda of the Party.


Winston, like the majority of us knows this is wrong all around you. But we are too scared and insecure to rebel from the norm. He’s unhappy, longs for the real truth and liberty. He is hopeful to find like minded people around him. One day his colleague Julia confesses her love for him. This becomes a much needed respite for him. Julia is another interesting character in 1984. She knows what is wrong yet doesn’t believe in breaking out. Rather she seeks ways to live life to the fullest in finding loopholes. She represents another kind of public who don’t want to take on a challenge and break the status co.


Winston finally meets someone he believes part of the resistance. He aims to join hands to make a change. Along with him the reader of 1984 also becomes hopeful at this stage. A happy ending seems possible at last. There is hope and despair, anger and helplessness. The dreams of a brighter future are totally collapsed. It’s up to you now what you want to hold on to.

1984 is a work of dystopian fiction. A genre describe an imaginary place. The life is extremely tough there because of deprivation or oppression or terror. We are going through the similar things. Whether through social media, cellphones or endless supply of leak audios and videos. The screen broadcasts what Party wants the public to see and hear. The same is the case in our media. If you speak or act against the Party, they will arrest you.


The time when it was written has changed and the world moved on. But, does time ever change? Apparently not much indeed. In the book 1984, Party installed a screen annotation in every home, office, public place. It watches and spies on round the clock. Isn’t it something we are going through today

We can relate 1984 to our situation. When I was reading it, I was continuously thinking that this might be fiction, but it’s a reality for us. I fully recommend it.

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