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The Long Game
The Long Game

The Long Game | Dorie Clark | Book Review

The Long Game

The Long Game
Dorie Clark

This book is excellent for revamping or managing and developing careers. It emphasizes the importance of long term thinking and taking small steps to get to that point in future. It tells you about the setbacks you might come across and how to keep your eyes on the ball.
Dorie Clark talks about different forms of success perceived by individuals. We are afraid of taking chances, we crave stability in life, in careers, in finances. But taking a different approach, taking an initiative could be the breakthrough to something much better?

Often we are influenced by people around us. We tend to take clues from their success, we sort after their advice. But in reality in this ever changing world where everyday something new turns up, we have to give up our comfort zones. Throughout she hands out simple tips and advice e.g. start saying no and say yes to only those things that excite you. This way you will save valuable time and energy.

Similarly, accept that you can’t be good at everything. In order to be great at something, accept that you will be terrible at something else so don’t waste time and energy on it. Think bigger, don’t be constrained by what’s possible right now. Think about where you would like to be in future and start moving that way. She suggests to think in decades, not months or a few years. Ride out short term losses and setbacks in order to achieve much bigger things over time. Seek out development opportunities proactively e.g. by devoting 20% of your time exploring new areas, and then heads down mode for execution.

The most important thing is networking.She walks us through the short term, long term and infinite horizon networking. The dos and don’t etc.
She lays out the reality of playing long games in terms of failures and setbacks. At times it can be lonely, maddening and unfulfilling. But when you are patient enough the rewards can be transforming. To handle that there are tips like setting realistic goals and how to develop clear picture from the start so that you can pace yourself.
The book is divided into chapters with a summary at the end of each one to highlight important points. There are plenty of examples to relate to. The Long Game is a very useful book. Recommended.

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