The Mushrooms Hunter

A man hunting for mushrooms in April 2022 discovered a hard-sided suitcase printed with a distinctive design discarded in a wooded area of Washington County in the southeastern corner of Indiana. Inside were the remains of a five year old boy believed to have died of dehydration, perhaps resulting from a GI illness.

In October of that year, he was identified as Cairo Ammar Jordan, of Georgia, and warrants were issued for his mother Dejaune Ludie Anderson and a companion Dawn Coleman on a number of charges related to their involvement in his death. Investigation revealed that the trio had been traveling together in the Louisville, KY area in the time before his death, that a vehicle matching the one they used had been observed in the remote area where the suitcase was found, and that both women’s fingerprints were discovered on items inside the suitcase. The women’s social media contained photos that showed Cairo with them on the road during the last weeks of his life, as well as several photos in which the printed suitcase is visible in the background, and a number of alarming posts that warn of malevolent forces wearing the shapes of children and claims of lengthy spiritual warfare and attempted exorcism performed by Anderson during the five years of Cairo’s life.

Coleman was apprehended very quickly, and in November 2023, Coleman plead guilty to aiding, inducing or causing murder, neglect of a dependent resulting in death, and obstruction of justice and was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

Coleman claimed to investigators that she returned to their shared hotel room to find that Anderson had fatally smothered her son and, then helped her place his body in the suitcase and travel across the Ohio river to dispose of his remains in rural Washington County. As part of the plea agreement, she will be required to testify in any future proceedings held against Anderson.

Anderson could not be located at the time the warrants issued, and has remained at-large until her recent arrest by US Marshals in Arcadia, CA. Authorities apparently received a tip about her location, but have not disclosed the nature of the information that led to her discovery and arrest.

Anderson is currently detained in the LA area and expected to be transferred to custody in Indiana to face charges, though it’s unknown at this time how quickly the procedural steps needed to accomplish this will play out.

I’m curious whether it will eventually be revealed how she was located in Arcadia and how she evaded arrest – and who may have helped her do so – during this time.

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