Sidney Johnston:The Missing One

Hello! This is my first write-up, so I will try to do my best. My coworker and I were talking about missing persons cases, when she told me that an extended family member of hers went missing in 1990. Here is Sid’s story.

Sidney Johnston was born on December 11th, 1942 in Davenport, Iowa. He was one of six siblings. Sid graduated from high school and served time in the Navy before working as a machine operator at Case IH. According to family members, Sid was kind of a “loner”. He was quiet, tight with his money, and rarely had friends over. Despite preferring to be by himself, Sid was close with his siblings.

Sid’s neighbors used to see him doing yard work or jogging around the neighborhood, but he suddenly stopped being outside as much in the summer of 1989. Even weirder, a young man and women began to visit his house often, especially on Fridays. A few months after the visits started, neighbors began hearing loud arguments coming from Sid’s house.

About two weeks before his disappearance, Sid received multiple emergency telephone calls at work. His boss stated that this was very unusual. Sid was at work on January 22nd, 1990. A waitress from his usual eating spot claims to have seen him on January 25th, 1990. She says that he was “visibly upset”. Sid’s maroon 1984 Ford Thunderbird disappeared with him and has never been found.

Police searched his home and found holes punched in the walls and in a door. There was a stain on the bed sheets that may have been vomit. There was also a stack of unpaid bills and notices that indicated he was in financial trouble.

After his disappearance, Sid’s relatives learned that Sid recently gave away nearly $30,000. This was concerning, as he was usually protective of his money. Sid was also scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 23 for unlawful possession of a bank identification card.

The man and woman were identified by police and have passed polygraph tests. The man confirmed that he knew Sid and that Sid had given him a substantial amount of money. The woman claimed that she did not know Sid. They were never arrested or charged in connection with Sid’s disappearance. Foul play is suspected in this case.

Do you think this man and woman had anything to do with Sid’s disappearance? I suspect that Sid is deceased and that the man and woman are involved

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