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Mystery of an Unidentified Man Found on Somerton Beach

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Unidentified Man On Smerton Beach

Mystery of an Unidentified Man Found on Smerton Beach

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A body discovered on Somerton Beach near Adelaide, Australia, in December 1948. The man wore a suit and the polished shoes, his slumped head lied against a wall. Authorities suspected heart failure or poisoning as the cause of death. But no trace of poison detected in the autopsy.


There was no wallet or identification with the man. All of clothes tags torn out. His fingerprints were likewise unidentifiable, according to the officials. Even after publishing a photo of the body in the press, no one could identify the individual. Four months after his death, detectives discovered a concealed pocket sewed on the inner of his trousers. Inside the pocket was a rolled-up piece of paper from the Rubáiyát, a rare book. The words “Tamám Shud” on the sheet of paper meant “it has ended”. Authorities decide to bury the Somerton Man without identifying him after months of searching for the identical book. Despite the fact that a cast was removed from the bust and he was embalmed to preserve him.

A man walked into the police station eight months later. He said that soon after they discovered body, they found a copy of the Rubáiyát in his car. The parked near Somerton Beach. He didn’t think much of it until he read about the search in the papers. The book featured a ripped section of the final page. It matched with the piece of paper which was in the Somerton Man’s trousers. There was a phone number with weird code inside the book.


The phone number led authorities to a local woman named Jessica Thompson. During the questioning, she was evasive. She said that she was going to faint when she saw the Somerton Man bust. But she denied knowing him. She claimed to sell the book to Alfred Boxall. Unfortunately, Alfred Boxall was still alive and well at the moment. He still had the Rubáiyát that Jessica sold him. The code proved even more useless. It has yet to be broken as of today.

No one could identify the man on Somerton Beach till this day.

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