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Sapne Vs Everyone (Review) – Dreams are Hope to Live

Sapne Vs Everyone

Series Review

Sapne Vs Everything

Sapne Vs Everyone - Dreams are Hope to Live

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Sapne Vs Everything

The Dream must not die,

Dreams are hope to live.

Every human being has some dreams, like career, education, marriage, nice house or car. When a person starts to understand a little bit of the world, he sees some dreams and tries to fulfil them.

When he tried to fulfil these dreams, some obstacles came in their way. Sometimes the society stands in the middle of his dreams. Sometimes his parents discourage him that you are not capable for it. You should leave this work. Then he surrenders himself in front of the obstacles and accepts that he really can’t do anything.


But there are some headstrong people who don’t care and keep working hard to fulfil their dreams. The main lead of Sapne Vs Everything is also going through similar situations. This series is being aired on TVF (The Viral Fever) YouTube’s Channel.

Sapne Vs Everything is the story of a struggling actor and a real estate sales agent. Prashant (Paramvir Cheema) is a actor who wants to become the country’s next superstar. The sales agent Jimmy (Ambrish Verma) wants to earn a lot of money so that he can set up his own company.

This web series Sapne Vs Everything is for all of us “Dreamers” how successful we are in achieving our goals. It certainly depends on how we have tackled the everyone that we face. The episodes resonate deeply. They forge an immediate connection with the trials faced by both Jimmy and Prashant. Their struggles reflect facets of our own lives, encapsulating a universal human experience. Within each viewer lies a fraction of Jimmy’s resilience and Prashant’s vulnerabilities. The narratives are remarkably relatable. The exploration of the dualities unfolds a captivating dichotomy. They reveal the inherent pros and cons embedded within.


The storyline of Sapne Vs Everything is intricately woven with threads of emotion and conflict, stands as a testament to its brilliance. It navigates the complex terrain of human relationships and individual growth. It draws attention of viewers into a world that reflects of their own. The direction is excellent which skillfully guides the narrative. It captured the essence of each character’s journey with finesse. Every scene unfolds in a carefully crafted piece of art. This brilliant touch contributed to enhance the overall impact of the series.

I just wanted to appreciate how good Ambrish Verma acted in the first two episodes. Although the plot seems a little slow at first, its meaningful. The performance of Ambrish’s takes Sapne Vs Everything to another level. Kudos to Ambrish and the team. Amazing performance by Paramvir too. Such innocent acting with perfection.


In conclusion, Sapne Vs Everything stands at a testament to the brilliance. The storytelling, direction and acting, all converged seamlessly. It’s more than a series. This is superb a journey, a reflection and an exploration of the human experiences.

The TVF team created a masterpiece.

Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with the world. Looking forward to the next episodes.

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My rating: 5/5

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  1. Aise hi you tube ke reel mein ek short a gya
    Aur puri raat fir mein ye series dekh kar soya aur ye review bhi 4 episode mein shuru hone se pahle parshant ne bola genuine review likho
    To i will say that stories and character and your acting is speechless
    Like living my own character in this movie
    Because i am an introvert from childhood…
    Story so touch to my heart.

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