Go-Karting | Omni Karting Circuit – Korangi Karachi

Place: Omni Karting Circuit

Location: Korangi, Karachi

Timing: 03 PM to 02 AM

Charges: 3,000 PKR per person

Time Duration: 15 minute

Age limit: 9 years or older

Dress Code: Tight Suit, Head Cover, Toe Cover, and Shoes


Omni Karting Circuit is an excellent sports complex in Korangi, Karachi. The fifteen minute of go-karting are worth three thousand. You’ll remember the excitement and delight for a long time.

  • You cannot carry your phone while riding.
  • They provide the outfit and helmet. You can put on this suit on your own clothing or else wise.
  • If you like, put on the head cover under the helmet. However, Hijab (veil) is not allowed. The helmet is a must to protect the head in case of a strong jolt or, God forbid, a car overturning. It doesn’t generally happen because karting is not a race, it’s just a fun game. Go as leisurely as you wish, the speed restriction is on.
  • You can wear mask on face.
  • Do not wear slippers or sandals. However, you can wear your own shoes that fully cover your feet.
  • They brief you, which is unnecessary though.
  • There is also a lavatory and food court.
  • The most vital thing is to keep your identification card must with you as entry is not permitted without a CNIC. This is a restricted area.

The Main Track of Omni Karting Circuit is for Adults (18 and older) while the Mini Track is for children (9 to 17 years). On the Main Track, first-time registration is mandatory, which requires your CNIC.

When all of the rules are obeyed, go-karting is absolutely safe. It’s a fantastic amusement for both kids and adults to enjoy a thrilling ride around the track. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be replicated anywhere. Overall karting is a good leisure time activity for all the Karachiites.

Author: Fehmeeda Farid Khan

Information Courtesy: Ammarah Khan

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