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Animal (Review) – Shameful Portrayal of a Toxic as Hero


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Aqib Raza reviews the movie “Animal”

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“Animal” directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, offers a captivating experience with impressive background music, some good songs, and technical finesse. However, the film stumbles in terms of story strength and screenplay execution. It features temporal shifts that lack coherence and fail to enhance the narrative.


“Animal” unfolds as a misguided cinematic endeavour, raising red flags for its portrayal of a central character steeped in possessiveness. The narrative traces back to the protagonist’s school days. It depicts him as the self-appointed heir to the family throne after an evidently neglectful father. The skewed sense of responsibility leads him to make decisions for others, showcasing a troubling dynamic.

Animal movie glorifies violence, physical and sexual abuse. It denigrate women and basic banks on shock value. It provokes viewers rather than pulling them with a coherent story.

The worst thing about this movie is its celebration of toxic masculinity and misogyny. I’m not a feminist, but my God, this movie really hates women. They’re either sex objects or lack any agency at all. Animal movie portrayed really dark and twisted attitude towards sex and relationships. The glorifying domination, fear and abuse, all desperately trying to convince us that the main couple have a happy and successful marriage.


Background music and songs are great. “Arjun Velly” by Bhupinder Babbal and “Pehle bhi Main” by Vishal Mishra are my personal favourite songs.

Powerful performances by actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol who gave their 100%. Yet the director failed in carving a memorable character persona. The primary reason is, the director just couldn’t decide whether his protagonist is outrageously toxic or a normal guy has anger issues.

In conclusion, while “Animal” boasts strong performances and noteworthy musical compositions. These aspects are overshadowed by a problematic storyline. My sincere recommendation is to save your time.

My rating: 2.5/5
Review by Aqib Raza

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