Hydroelectric Potential in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan

Hydroelectric Potential in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan
Hydroelectric Potential in Gilgit-Baltistan & Azad Kashmir

The hydroelectric potential in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan is huge, if we use it correctly. Let’s take a look at some projects in this article.

Data Compiled by Fehmeeda Farid Khan

⁰¹Ahmadabad-I+IISost1.00 MW
⁰²Ashkot Power ProjectNeelum Valley700 MW
⁰³Ashuran Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan0.4 MW
⁰⁴Athmuqam Power ProjectNeelum Valley350 MW
⁰⁵Astore Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan3.11 MW
⁰⁶Azad Pattan Power ProjectSudhnoti/Palandri650 MW
⁰⁷Balagond Power ProjectGahkuch, Gilgit-Baltistan 1.5 MW
⁰⁸Basho Power ProjectSkardu28 MW
⁰⁹Battar Power ProjectHaveli4.8 MW
¹⁰Bhedi Doba Power ProjectHaveli1.0 MW
¹¹Boladas-I Power ProjectHunza, Gilgit-Baltistan0.64 MW
¹²Bordas Power ProjectGhanche, Gilgit-Baltistan2.0 MW
¹³Bubind Power ProjectAstore0.64 MW
¹⁴Bunji Power ProjectAstore, Gilgit-Baltistan7,100 MW
¹⁵Bunnar-Chilas Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.5 MW
¹⁶Chakothi Power ProjectJhelum Valley500 MW
¹⁷Chalt Power ProjectNagar, Gilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
¹⁸Cham Power ProjectJhelum Valley6.40 MW
¹⁹Chilas-I Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan5.62 MW
²⁰Darel-I/II Power ProjectGhanche, Gilgit-Baltistan 1.2 MW
²¹Dhannan Power ProjectKotli1.70 MW
²²Diamir-Bhasha DamGilgit-Baltistan4,500 MW
²³Dowarian Power ProjectNeelum Valley40 MW
²⁴Dudnial Power ProjectNeelum Valley960 MW
²⁵Dumsum Power ProjectGahkuch, Gilgit-Baltistan1.5 MW
²⁶Ghizar Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan2.0 MW
²⁷Gilgit Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan10.63 MW
²⁸Gol Power ProjectSkardu, Gilgit-Baltistan0.4 MW
²⁹Guin Nullah Power ProjectPoonch0.25 MW
³⁰Gulpur Power ProjectKotli102 MW
³¹Hanzel Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan20 MW
³²Haramosh Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
³³Harighel Power ProjectBags53.0 MW
³⁴Harpo Power ProjectSkardu, Gilgit-Baltistan 34.5 MW
Harchu/Dainyor/Gurikot/Kayo/Dango Das
Gilgit-Baltistan 2.0 MW
³⁶Hasanabad-I/ II/III/IV/V Power ProjectsHunza, Gilgit-Baltistan2.0 MW
³⁷Hillan Power ProjectHaveli0.60 MW
³⁸Hisper-I Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
³⁹Holar Power ProjectKotli720 MW
⁴⁰Hunza Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan5.13 MW
⁴¹Ishkuman-I/II Power Project Ishkuman, Gilgit-Baltistan2.38 MW
⁴²Jaglot-I/II Power ProjectsGilgit-Baltistan1.32 MW
⁴³Jagran-I Power ProjectNeelum Valley30 MW
⁴⁴Jagran-II Power ProjectNeelum Valley48 MW
⁴⁵Jagran IV Power ProjectNeelum Valley22 MW
⁴⁶Jalalabad Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
⁴⁷Jari-II Power ProjectMirpur4.0 MW
⁴⁸Kachura-II Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan3.0 MW
⁴⁹Kar Gah-I/II/III/IV/V/VI/VII Power ProjectsGilgit-Baltistan13.34 MW
⁵⁰Karot Power ProjectKahuta720 MW
⁵¹Kathai Power ProjectJhelum Valley3.20 MW
⁵²Katzarah DamSkardu15,000 MW
⁵³Kharmang Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.89 MW
⁵⁴Khunjerab Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan0.59 MW
⁵⁵Khyber-I/II Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan2.0 MW
⁵⁶Kel Power ProjectNeelum Valley0.75 MW
⁵⁷Kohala-Muzaffarabad Hydro Power ProjectKohala110 MW
⁵⁸Kundal Shahi Power ProjectNeelum Valley2.0 MW
⁵⁹Leepa Power ProjectJhelum Valley2.0MW
⁶⁰Mahl Power ProjectBagh590 MW
⁶¹Mangla DamMirpur1,120 MW
⁶²Mehdabad/Nomal/Pari PowerMehdiabad 1.5 MW
⁶³Nagdar Power ProjectNeelum Valley35 MW
⁶⁴Naltar-I/II Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan2.28 MW
⁶⁵Naltar-III Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan16 MW
⁶⁶Naltar-IV Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan18 MW
⁶⁷Naltar-V Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan14 MW
⁶⁸Naz Bar Power ProjectYasin, Gilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
⁶⁹Neelum-Jhelum Hydro Power ProjectNeelum Valley969 MW
⁷⁰New Bong Escape ProjectMirpur84 MW
⁷¹Parishing/Louse Power ProjectAstore, Gilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
⁷²Patika Power ProjectMuzaffarabad0.50 MW
⁷³Patrind Hydro Power ProjectMuzaffarabad/KPK150 MW
⁷⁴Phandar Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan81 MW
⁷⁵Pion Power ProjectGah1.0 MW
⁷⁶Rajdhani Power ProjectKotli132 MW
⁷⁷Rangar-II Power ProjectPoonch0.45 MW
⁷⁸Rehra Power ProjectBagh3.2 MW
⁷⁹Roundu Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.52 MW
⁸⁰Sadpara Power ProjectSkardu17 MW
⁸¹Sardoa Cross Power ProjectBhimber1.75 MW
⁸²Sehra Power ProjectPoonch130 MW
⁸³Shagarthang Power ProjectSkardu26 MW
⁸⁴Sermik Power ProjectSkardu1.0
⁸⁵Sharda Power ProjectNeelum Valley3.0 MW
⁸⁶Sharian Power ProjectJhelum Valley3.20 MW
⁸⁷Sher Qilla Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.11 MW
⁸⁸Shigar Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
⁸⁹Shirting Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.0 MW
⁹⁰Shounter Power ProjectNeelum Valley48 MW
⁹¹Shyok Power ProjectShyok Valley4.85 MW
⁹²Singul Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.20 MW
⁹³Skardu-I Power ProjectSkardu6.96 MW
⁹⁴Skardu-II/III Power ProjectSkardu1.64 MW
⁹⁵Skardu DamSkardu1,600 MW
⁹⁶Tangir-IGilgit-Baltistan15 MW
⁹⁷Thak-I Power ProjectChilas, Gilgit-Baltistan2.0 MW
⁹⁸Thak-II Power ProjectChilas, Gilgit-Baltistan4.0 MW
⁹⁹Thall Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan0.4 MW
¹⁰⁰Tormik-I Power ProjectRoundu Valley1.0 MW
¹⁰¹Yasin Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan1.61 MW
Hydroelectric Potential in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan

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