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Brittany Killgore
Brittany Killgore

Brittany Killgore Raped, Tortured and Murdered by Friend

Brittany Killgore, a 22-year-old woman hailing from Fallbrook, California, was the wife of US Marine Lance Corporal Cory Killgore. Cory Killgore was serving in Afghanistan during that period. Merely three days before her tragic murder in April 2012, Brittany had initiated divorce proceedings. She had intended to return to her parents’ residence in Missouri and had already packed all her belongings. It was during this time that she received an offer of assistance from an acquaintance, whom she considered a “friend.”


On April 13th, 2012, a 46 year old Louis Perez unexpectedly arrived at her home. He extended an invitation of a surprise dinner at cruise. Brittany knew Louis as a friend and trusted him. She willingly agreed to accompany him. Unbeknownst to her, this would mark the beginning of her entrapment in a sadistic fantasy.

Louis held resentment towards Brittany, as she declined to participate in a perverse sexual bondage game. He and his cohabitants, Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lynn Lopez orchestrated the game. Brittany was unaware that the person was about to subject her forcefully to become a slave in his perverse act.


Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lynn Lopez were Perez’s roomates and accomplices in the murder.

Under the pretense of “assisting her with packing,” Perez lured Brittany into his vehicle. She entered without suspecting the secret life he harbored.

Subsequently, he took her to his residence against her will. She was bound as a duct tape placed over her mouth to stifle her screams. What ensued was a nightmarish and brutal ordeal.

It was a “sadomasochistic torture session,” the group subjected her to violent sexual assault. They employed sadomasochistic paraphernalia such as whips and a stun gun. The police later discovered it at the shared residence of the three individuals. Authorities also found traces of Brittany’s blood and hair on various sadomasochistic items found in Perez’s home. Additionally, a handbook “Sex Rules” recovered. It provided insight into some of their sadistic practices and the expectations placed upon their victims.


During the torture session, the group also mutilated Brittany. After the ordeal, Jessica Lopez strangled herself. The fear of Brittany’s influence might disrupt the dynamics of the sexual ring she, Perez, and Maraglino. In a seven page letter, Lopez wrote that Brittany attempted to drive a wedge between her, Perez, and Maraglino. Brittany’s body was dismembered, and the trio disposed of her remains in a ditch in San Diego, CA.

Articles published in April propagated false assumptions that Brittany willingly participated in the sexual game without anticipating the dire consequences. These rumors are baseless. Brittany did not engage in sadomasochistic activities and vehemently rejected partaking in such acts.

Upon learning of his wife’s disappearance, Lance Killgore, stationed in Afghanistan, promptly returned home. It remains uncertain whether he was aware of Brittany’s recent divorce filing at that time.

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