Pishin Valley: A Significant Tourist Destination in Balochistan


Pishin is a lovely and fertile city. It is accessible through Quetta, Balochistan. This was a part of the Pashtun belt, now divided into six districts. Pishin is in the North-Western region of Balochistan. The Afghan border is in the East of Pishin valley.


Summer temperatures in the area can reach 40 °C (104 degrees Fahrenheit). In the winter, the temperature falls below 0 °C.


This region is prominent for its fruit production. A wide variety of fruits, particularly apples, are sent from there to other parts of Pakistan.


Pashtuns make up the majority of the population. Tareen, Syed, Kakar, Achakzai, Durrani, Sanzerkhail Barakzai, Khiral, and Ghilzai are among them. There are also some Christian families who live there.

Pishin’s tehsils are as follows.

  • Barshore
  • Khanozi
  • Bostan
  • Karizat
  • Nana Sahib
  • Woramzi Karbala
  • Sub Tehsil Toba Kakari


Pushin still exists in the Pashtun belt. During the British Raj, the people played an important role in Anglo-Afghan conflicts. Local groups aided Afghans by attacking British military convoys travelling to Afghanistan. During WWII, British forces established two air bases in the area. One was near Pishin, while the other was in Saranan.

Salient Features

This lovely destination is 50 kilometres from Quetta. There are several fruit orchards. “Karez” irrigate these orchards. Karez are artificial springs. Boring makes them functional which is a method of bringing water to the surface by digging holes into the rocks.

Tourist Attractions

Pishin is 16 kilometres away from Bund Khushdil Khan. This is a unique and amazing artificial lake. The peaceful, pleasant and serene environment draws a number of tourists. In the early winter, it is the best option for duck hunting.


There is a list of some lodging options.

  • Ajwa Hotel
  • Albaik Hotel
  • Sharjah Hotel
  • Almaida Hotel
  • Pishin Rest House

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Picture Credits: Osman Saeed Khan

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