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Kirk Anderson – A Victim of Chained Torture and Sex

Kirk Anderson was a victim of chained torture and sex. This case was the most notorious “Mormon sex in chains case.” 17 year old American Mormon missionary student, Kirk Anderson was in the UK in 1977. Keith May (24 year old) kidnapped him from Surrey, posing a fake journalist. She took him to a house in Devon and chained to bed. Joyce McKinney seduced and raped Kirk for three days against his will.

Kirk went straight to the police to report Joyce and her accomplice Keith May. The two were charged after their committal hearing. Joyce claimed to be in love with the victim. Under the Sexual Offences Act 1956, no crime of rape happened because the perpetrator was female.

Although jury didn’t charged Joyce of rape, but charged of kidnapping, along with her accomplice. Joyce McKinney and Keith May absconded to the US with fake documents for skipping their trial. Jury sentenced them a year in prison for skipping bail. But extradition orders were never filed by UK authorities.

Joyce became quite notorious and even appeared in some raunchy photos for a magazine. She still lives in the US but she never spent a day in prison for her wrongdoings. She didn’t even get any suspension sentence for using a fake ID to enter the US.

Fehmeeda Farid Khan wrote this crime case.

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