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Thappad (Review) – An Impactful Social Drama

Thappad is directed by Anubhav Sinha, starring Taapsee Pannu and Pavail Gulati in lead Roles. The film focuses on the subject of women rights. The title ‘Thappad’ suggests how one slap is enough to hurt a person emotionally. How this behaviour affects both of them.


Thappad is a simple movie yet so powerful. A perfect replica of what society looks like… The driving force of the movie is the small nuances. These small incidents turn into a disaster in our daily lives. Tlhe beauty that makes you realise how wrong you are to ignore them. This questions the norms which have been set by the society for both the genders. It makes you think who the hell have set them and why are we foolish follow them.

Sinha’s approach towards such marital relationships is commendable. Thappad shows how to make the right decision for one’s own self. Respect and fight for what’s right. The movie portrayed the grey layers of different people beautifully. While they may look black or white from a distance.


All characters displayed their true self and not making anyone a saint or a devil. Everyone has flaws and one should be courageous enough to accept them. There are people who are telling why she is getting a divorce for just a slap. But Sinha has clarified that through Amrita’s voice. She told how everything changed and even everyone changed since then. It’s not the slap that is the problem here. The main cause is casual behaviour of people towards her.

The story is much needed for today’s society. It highlights the struggles home makers go through. How their contribution is not recognized by many. It also shows our society has come to accept a slap as a normal thing between spouses.

Anubhav Sinha has what it takes to create such a beauty. It’s definitely one of the best performances of Taapsee Pannu. Pavail Gulati is an underdog. He is so good that you actually start hating him.

Overall, Thappad deserves viewing for the topic, it has chosen to talk about.

Overall, Thappad deserves a viewing for the topic it has chosen to talk about.

My Rating: 8/10
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