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K-2 Summits on July 22

July 22nd Summits on K-2 | An Historic Day

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July 22nd Summits on K-2 | An Historic Day

July 22, 2022 Summits

Salient Features

  • Itā€™s record breaking number of summiteers in a year, in a season or on a single day in July.
  • Samina Baig becomes first Pakistani woman to climb K-2.
  • Mingma G Nepal, world 1st to 4 summit of K-2.
  • Ali Durrani (Noorani) Pakistan 3rd summit of K-2, Shared with Fazal Ali Pakistan.
  • Grace Tseng, Taiwan 29 years world youngest women to scale K-2.
  • Liliya Ianovskaia of Canada becomes oldest women to climb K-2 at the age of 62.
  • An Afghan mountaineer, Ali Akbar died of cardiac arrest at camp 3.
  • Some names of Nepali mountaineers get mixed. Please correct me in case of mistake or missing name.
  • This article deals with only July 22 Summits.

Travel With Me

No.Climber NameCountryStatus
ā°Ā¹Aang Phurba SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā°Ā²Angdu SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā°Ā³Abid Asad SadparaPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā°ā“Afsane HesamifardIran šŸ‡®šŸ‡·First from the country
ā°āµAhmed BaigPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā°ā¶Akber Hussain SadparaPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā°ā·Aleksandr YulGermany šŸ‡©šŸ‡Ŗ
ā°āøAli NooraniPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā°ā¹Anne FaerovigNorway šŸ‡³šŸ‡“
Ā¹ā°Anthony MiddletonEngland šŸ“󠁧󠁢󠁄󠁮󠁧ó æ
Ā¹Ā¹April A. LeonardoUSA šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾
Ā¹Ā²Asma Al ThaniQatar šŸ‡¶šŸ‡¦First from the country
Ā¹Ā³Bulbul KarimPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
Ā¹ā“Claudio Javier BeizenArgentine šŸ‡¦šŸ‡·
Ā¹āµDawa Dorchi SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā¹ā¶Dawa Gyalje SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā¹ā·Dawa Ongju SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā¹āøDawa Temba SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā¹ā¹Dawa Wongju SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā²ā°Dorji Gyeljen SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā²Ā¹Eid MuhammadPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
Ā²Ā²Fahad BadarQatar šŸ‡¶šŸ‡¦
Ā²Ā³Fida AliPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
Ā²ā“Frank LokeNorway šŸ‡³šŸ‡“
Ā²āµFura Shering SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā²ā¶Gao liChina šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³
Ā²ā·Ghulam AbbasPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
Ā²āøGina Marie RZucidloUSA šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø
Ā²ā¹Grace TsengTaiwan šŸ‡¹šŸ‡¼Without o2
Ā³ā°Hakon AsvangNorway šŸ‡³šŸ‡“
Ā³Ā¹He JingChina šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³Without o2
Ā³Ā³Inayat AliPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
Ā³ā“Isaac SelbyCanada šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦
Ā³āµJennifer Lyn DrummondUSA šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø
Ā³ā¶Jill WheatleyCanada šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦
Ā³ā·John EvaSouth Africa šŸ‡æšŸ‡¦First from the country (shared)
Ā³āøKalden Phura SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā³ā¹Kamdorji SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā“ā°Karma Geljen Sherpa Nepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā“Ā¹Krisli MeleskEstonia šŸ‡ŖšŸ‡Ŗ
ā“Ā²Kristin A. BennettUSA šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾
ā“Ā³Kristin HarilaNorway šŸ‡³šŸ‡“
ā“ā“Lakpa BhoteNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā“āµLakpa Tamang SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā“ā¶Lakpa Tashi SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā“ā·Lemba SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā“āøLhakpa Wongchu SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā“ā¹Liliya IanovskaiaCanada šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦Oldest Woman to climb K-2 at the age of 62
āµā°Lina Quesada GuƬa de MontaƱaSpain šŸ‡ŖšŸ‡¦
āµĀ¹Llakpa BhoteNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āµĀ²Marie-pier DesharnaisCanada šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦
āµĀ³Mingma David SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āµā“Miguel MadridAustralia šŸ‡³šŸ‡æ
āµāµMingdorji SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āµā¶Mingma GNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ4th summit of K-2
āµā·Mingma SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āµāøMingma Tenjen SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āµā¹Mingma Tenzi SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¶ā°Mingtemba SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¶Ā¹Mitra TamangNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¶Ā²Monikia WitkowskaPoland šŸ‡µšŸ‡±
ā¶Ā³Nadhira AlharthyOman šŸ‡“šŸ‡²
ā¶ā“Naila KianiPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā¶āµNaokiJapan šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡µ
ā¶ā¶Nelly AttarLebanon šŸ‡±šŸ‡§First from the country
ā¶ā·Ngima Tashi SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¶āøNima Gyalzen SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¶ā¹Nimsdai Purja NimsdaiNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·ā°Ningma Dorje TamanNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·Ā¹Pam Dorjee SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·Ā²Pasang Namgel SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·Ā³Pasang Tendi SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·ā“Pasang Tshering SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·āµPar Stefan IsgrenSweden šŸ‡øšŸ‡Ŗ
ā·ā¶Pemba Chiri SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·ā·Pema Chhiring SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·āøPemba Dorchee SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā·ā¹Pemba Tanzing Tasi SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āøā°Pemba Tasi SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āøĀ¹Phur Bahadur GurungNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āøĀ²Ramesh GurungNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āøĀ³Ravi Chandran MalingamUSA šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾
āøā“Rene Michael BergsmaNetherlands šŸ‡³šŸ‡±
āøāµRinji SharpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
āøā¶Rizwan DadPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
āøā·Saeed AlmemariUAE šŸ‡µšŸ‡øFirst from the country
āøāøSamina BaigPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°First Woman from the country
āøā¹Sashko KedevMacedonia šŸ‡²šŸ‡°
ā¹ā°Shah DoulatPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā¹Ā¹Siddhi Bahadur TamangNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¹Ā²Sirbaz KhanPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā¹Ā³Sohail SakhiPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
ā¹ā“Sonam Tashi SharpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¹āµStefi TroguetAndorra šŸ‡²šŸ‡©Without o2
ā¹ā¶Suman GurungNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¹ā·Tamting SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¹āøTemba SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
ā¹ā¹Tenji SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā¹ā°ā°Terray Ellington SylvesterUSA šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾
Ā¹ā°Ā¹Tseng Ko-ErhTaiwan šŸ‡¹šŸ‡¼Without o2
Ā¹ā°Ā²Tsering SherpaNepal šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ
Ā¹ā°Ā³Vladimir KotlyarRussia šŸ‡·šŸ‡ŗ
Ā¹ā°ā“Wajid Ullah NagriPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
Ā¹ā°āµWang ZhongChina šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³
Ā¹ā°ā¶Waqar AliPakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
Ā¹ā°ā·Warren BlackSouth Africa šŸ‡æšŸ‡¦
Ā¹ā°āøWasifia NazreenBangladesh šŸ‡§šŸ‡©
July 22 K-2 Summits

Gratitude to Moon Baltistani

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