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Fehmeeda Farid Khan

A freelancer, blogger, content writer, translator, tour consultant, proofreader, environmentalist, social mobilizer, poetess and novelist. As a physically challenged person, she extends advocacy on disability related issues. She's masters in Economics and Linguistics along with B.Ed.

Kirk Anderson – A Victim of Chained Torture and Sex

Kirk Anderson was a victim of chained torture and sex. This case was the most notorious “Mormon sex in chains case.” 17 year old American Mormon missionary student, Kirk Anderson was in the UK in 1977. Keith May (24 year old) kidnapped him from Surrey, posing a fake journalist. She took him to a house in Devon and chained to …

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Murder of Sherry Ann Culp and Kelsey Morgan Laughlin

Background Sherry Culp was at a crossroadsin 1997. She was unexpectedly pregnant, under a great deal of financial strain. She tried to win custody of her two daughters, Lauren and Heather. Her relationship with her ex-husband Donald was not good. So she had divorced him three years ago. Their marriage ended after Sherry had an affair with a friend. It …

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Murder Of Jamie Lavis

Jamie Lavis was a typical fun loving boy of his age. When he wasn’t watching cartoons, he was outside searching for a new adventure. He grew up in a notorious area, Openshaw in Manchester, England. It was May 1997. Kids would often go outside to play in the street. But on this particular Bank Holiday on Monday, Jamie was hanging …

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The West Memphis Three: Who murdered Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Stevie Branch? Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence Against Children Junior Officer Steve Jones started the warm spring day of May 6, 1993 like any other; he planned on performing the usual task of patrolling the area of West Memphis, Arkansas and enjoying casual chit-chat with locals from the small …

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In June 1979, Tara Lossett Cossey was 12 years old and lived with her family in San Pablo, California. She was a student at Juan Crespi Junior High School and was enjoying the start of the summer break. On the morning of Wednesday, June 6, 1979, Tara’s mother, Pat, asked her to run an errand for her. Pat gave her …

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