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Digiskills Training Programme | Instructions for Newbies

Digiskills LMS


Digiskills Training Programme - LMS

A Project of Government of Pakistan

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Digiskills Training Programme

About Digiskills Training Programme, here are the necessary instructions for the newbies.

In this blog post, I will attempt to explain the Training Programme or LMS. Digiskills is a government of Pakistan project that aims to educate people about information technology. Initially, ten (10) short courses were offered, but this number has now been increased to fifteen (15).

By chance, I enrolled in the Digiskills programme in 2020. I joined the seventh batch. I wanted to learn some terminology to help improve my blog, and my search led me to Digiskills LMS. Let me cut it short and try to explain the step-by-step procedure of LMS.

How to Join Digiskills?

  • Anyone can enrol in this programme by the App of Digiskills or LMS.
  • After signing up, you can enrol in any two courses of your choice.

Courses List

  1. Freelancing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Quickbooks
  5. WordPress
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Digital Literacy
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. E-commerce
  10. Graphic Design
  11. AutoCAD
  12. Video Editing, Animation and Vlogging
  13. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  14. Communication and Soft Skills
  15. Virtual Assistant


  • Download the Digiskills LMS App from the Google Play Store.
  • If you are new, select the sign-up option.
  • If you already have an account, simply sign in or login to your account.
  • Now, fill out the form completely so that course instructors can easily approach you to discuss your detailed questions.
  • Include your email and phone number.
  • When finished, click the submit button.
  • Congratulations, you have been accepted into the Digiskills LMS. It is a project of the Government of Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology.
  • These courses are completely free.
  • These classes are taught by the Virtual University of Pakistan.1

Course Characteristics

  • Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You can take two courses at once in Digiskills.
  • Freelancing is a obligatory course for the new trainee. You can select the other course from the list above.
  • Every course lasts three (3) months or twelve (12) weeks.
  • Videos will be posted every Monday.
  • Try to watch the video simultaneously so you can ask questions about them. Trainers answer your questions at the same time. The discussion section will be closed after the weekends.
  • There will be quizzes and assignments. To get a higher grade, try to complete these before the deadline.
  • The aggregate passing criterion is 50%.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding Digiskills.

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  1. In an era dominated by rapidly evolving technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful force reshaping various aspects of our lives, including the way we conduct business. Amidst this digital revolution, one aspect remains a constant driving force for online success, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, the importance of SEO has only amplified in today’s AI-driven world.

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