3 Significant Jeep Rally Tracks In Pakistan

Cholistan Desert Rally Track:

The Jeep Rally of Cholistan is a very popular rally among off-roading lovers and organised by the TDCP, Pakistan. Cholistan Desert, also called the Rohi Desert, spreads over 26,300 square kilometres. Moreover it is in Bahawalpur Region of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It was first introduced in 2005, by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) and now it becomes an annual affair of thrill, entertainment and adventure. Government of Punjab organises the rally and it usually begins from the Derawar Fort of Bahawalpur. A large number of solo drivers and teams participate in the rally from all over Pakistan.

Picture Credits: Jaam Saqi

The Significance:

The main purpose of organising this event, in the heart of Cholistan Desert, is to introduce the world to the history, rich culture and sound privileges of tourism of this remote area of the country, as a winter tourist destination. It gets tremendous positive response from the public at large and great applause through print, electronic and social media.

Though it is a dry, barren and rocky track of 214-kilometre, in the hot and dusty corner of Punjab Province of Pakistan yet the carnival gained immense popularity despite the sheer remoteness of the location. It is about 400 kilometres (250 miles) away from Lahore in the South-West of it. But still it attracts a lot of spectators who manage to come for the enjoyable and exciting skills and superb capabilities of the competent drivers.

Ravi River-Bed Lahore:

For the first time in the history, the event of Lahore off-road jeep rally organised by the provincial Government of the Punjab, on March 27th 2016. A large number of racers and off-roaders took part in the rally to show their driving skills on a 17-kilometre long track of the River-bed of Ravi.

The rally promots the Art & culture of the city of Lahore as well as the country. It is a gesture of goodwill message to the world regarding Pakistan that it is a peace loving country and tourists are always welcome, the environment is safe and peaceful. It spreads awareness among the common masses about the five proposed places for the strawberry cultivation, along the River-bed Ravi Track in Lahore.

Picture Credits: Jaam Saqi

Hub Jeep Rally Track:

Hub or Hub Chowki is in the Lasbela District of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is an industrial city and its original name was Hub Chowki. It was a police and customs (levies) check post which was named Nakahi. But it was changed into a Hub soon after the development of the area. The town is one of the largest industrial centres of the Balochistan province.

It is popular for the event of rjeep rally in Pakistan. Though our country is new in the arena of the jeep rally; still shows huge potential and earns a firm name across the world. Initiated by the Sherwani Group of Companies and provided an interesting platform for the racers and adventure loving people. While flourishing under the country’s laws, rules and regulations on the Pakistani soil, it wins a respectful name.

They have been providing the opportunities to the participant, for the promotion, participation and other facilitation since 1984. They explored such an excellent natural place and created an event for fulfilling the dreams of all the racers.

The Hub Rally Track was designed between Karachi and Balochistan in 2014 for the first time. It gained huge success and popularity because there were scarcely any opportunities for the adventurous people. It becomes a big source of inspiration for the off-roaders.

Author: Fehmeeda Farid Khan

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