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Two Boys found dead in River of Manhattan

Two young lads who had been reported as absent in the previous week and subsequently discovered lifeless in distinct rivers within Manhattan, may have been last observed engaged in playful endeavors by the water’s edge, as indicated by a source within law enforcement.

Alfa Barrie, aged 11, and Garrett Warren, aged 13, were sighted together in Harlem spanning the duration of May 12 to May 13 before their disappearances were noted at separate junctures, as conveyed by the New York Police Department. The maritime division of the department eventually recovered the bodies of the youths from Manhattan river, with several days intervening between their discoveries, and positioned more than a distance of two miles apart—one within the Harlem River and the other within the Hudson River.

Garrett met his demise through an inadvertent submergence, while the circumstances and nature of Alfa’s passing are pending elucidation following an inquiry carried out on Sunday, in accordance with the office of the medical examiner. The aforementioned law enforcement source divulged that corroborative testimony exists from another adolescent, purportedly present at the scene, who avers that Alfa and Garrett were engaged in recreation at the water’s edge. This account indicates that one of the boys nudged the other toward the water, culminating in a joint descent into its depths.

The third youth caught a fleeting glimpse of the pair but did not witness their resurfacing or emergence from the aqueous expanse. Some hours later, he approached a grown-up who, in turn, contacted emergency services through a call to 911, elucidating the scenario for the police, as recounted by the aforementioned source.

The police summoned maritime units and divers to the scene but were unable to espy either boy amidst the waters. Following an extensive search utilizing boats and helicopters, they sustained vigilant monitoring of the vicinity over the subsequent days. Garrett’s lifeless form was recovered on a Thursday within the Harlem River, proximate to the Madison Avenue Bridge connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx. Two days thereafter, the police located Alfa’s remains within the Hudson River, adjacent to the Upper West Side.

Given the absence of surveillance cameras within the vicinity, investigators are presently engrossed in the task of reconstructing the footsteps of the youngsters leading up to the incident, as expounded upon by the aforementioned source.

Alfa’s absence was documented in the early hours of May 14, while Garrett’s was recorded during the afternoon of May 15, according to the pronouncements of the police.

Despite attending disparate educational institutions, the two boys were acknowledged to be companions. Authorities established a connection between the two cases subsequent to Garrett’s disappearance. A family acquaintance, Adhmadou Diallo, conveyed that the young lad shared a close bond with his mother and contributed to domestic responsibilities. “Each time he bid his mother farewell with a kiss before departing for school – that’s the very scenario that unfolded on the Friday when he left,” Diallo disclosed to the news outlet.

ABC 7 reported that Alfa was an attendee of the sixth grade at Democracy Prep Public School in Harlem, which issued a statement lamenting the loss of the “humorous, intelligent, sagacious, curious, and courageous youngster.”

“He will be greatly missed by his educators and fellow schoolmates,” the educational institution conveyed. “We also extend our sympathy to the family of Alfa’s comrade, Garrett Warren. While he was not an enrollee, we comprehend that this is a trying period for his community, and we offer our heartfelt thoughts to them.”

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