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Body of Lucas Hernandez found under the Bridge in Harvey

On May 24, 2021, a span of three years was crossed since the discovery of the lifeless form of a young lad from Wichita, who had vanished for months. This melancholic event unfolded beneath a bridge in the precincts of Harvey County.

During the month of February in the year 2018, a five-year-old named Lucas Hernandez, a denizen of southeast Wichita, was officially declared missing. The one who reported his absence was none other than his father’s cohabiting partner, a lady of twenty-seven winters named Emily Glass. To the authorities, Glass narrated a tale of drifting into slumber while keeping watch over the young boy, and upon her awakening, the young Lucas was nowhere within her purview.

The enigmatic disappearance of Lucas caught the attention of not only the local populace but also resonated on a national scale, captivating hearts. In this pursuit, organizations like EquuSearch and the Missing Pieces Network lent their aid.

In tribute to the boy whose life was unjustly snuffed out, the governor of Kansas endorsed a welfare measure bearing his name.

Even before Lucas’s abrupt vanishing, those bound to him by kinship and neighbors who shared proximity voiced their apprehensions. They expressed that the young Lucas had been displaying signs indicative of maltreatment, and in response, numerous calls beseeching the Department for Children and Families for intervention had been made.

When the calendar marked May 24, 2018, Emily Glass steered a sleuth to a site in Harvey County where a grievously decomposed body was laid to rest. Subsequent investigations established this cadaver as that of young Lucas. For her actions, Glass found herself apprehended on charges of obstructing law enforcement’s endeavors.

Though her involvement in the case was under scrutiny, the link between Emily Glass and Lucas’s demise eluded direct establishment by the authorities. Later on, news would spread that Glass met her demise, seemingly self-inflicted.

As widely reported, recent eve unveiled human remains in the southern expanse of Harvey County. The forthcoming week promises the scrutiny of autopsy findings and law enforcement-gathered evidence by the Office of the District Attorney, a consequential stage of this ongoing inquiry.

Emily Glass currently occupies a berth within the confines of Sedgwick County Jail, ensnared in the tendrils of the case. Her charges encompass obstruction of a law enforcement officer and impeding the course of justice, securing her release for a bond amounting to $250,000.

The narrative takes us to the juncture where Glass led the footsteps of a private investigator, David Marshburn, into the labyrinthine expanse of southeast Harvey County. Upon the law enforcement’s arrival at the locale, Glass was discovered alongside Marshburn.

In a conversation held with the constabulary, Marshburn laid bare that Glass, holding a significant role in the boy’s life as a stepmother, had guided him to the final resting place of young Lucas. It was on a Thursday evening that news reverberated of the discovery of the mortal remains of a diminutive individual, widely believed to be none other than Lucas Hernandez.

As twilight gave way to evening, Eyewitness News orchestrated an unbroken stream of coverage, encapsulating moments ranging from a vigil dedicated to the young boy, updates related to the ongoing death investigation, and the detainment of the woman who law enforcement identified as Lucas’s stepmother. In the wake of a body’s discovery, presumably the young Lucas’s, a woman assumed to be his stepmother was processed into the precincts of Sedgwick County Jail.

The annals of the jail chronicle Emily Glass’s ingress around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, the charge against her being that of obstructing an officer of the law and subverting the course of justice.

A congregation congregated in vigil outside the domicile in Wichita that once housed young Lucas Hernandez. This act of solemnity followed in the wake of a discovery: the remains of a juvenile form, located in the depths of southeast Harvey County. The family of Lucas held a conviction that this vessel held the corporeal remnants of their dear departed.

The Wichita Police Department, in consonance with the unfolding events, decided not to furnish any further updates on that Thursday night, wherein the presence of law enforcement figures loomed heavy. Beneath a bridge, in the embrace of Harvey County, a modest body lay, concealed by time’s inexorable march. This grim tableau was under the scrutiny of forensic examiners, engrossed in meticulously processing the scene.

The sheriff, Chad Gay, conceded his inability to ascertain whether any artifacts surrounded the repose of the lifeless form. He intimated the prolonged presence of Wichita police officers at the scene, portending forthcoming revelations on the morn of Friday.

The thrust of the investigation was borne by Wichita police, assisted by the aegis of the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office.

In the aftermath, a post-mortem examination ensued upon the body of Lucas. Alas, the findings were inconclusive. Lucas, had he survived, would have celebrated his sixth birthday on the third of December in the year 2018.

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