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Glaciers in Pakistan
Glaciers in Pakistan

Glaciers in Pakistan

Glaciers in Pakistan

Glaciers in Pakistan

People are unaware that Pakistan is the world’s most glaciated country. There are 7,253 known glaciers Pakistan, which together account for the greatest amount of ice found outside of the polar regions.

Northern Pakistan is entirely carved out of ice with valleys, rivers, three of the world’s highest mountain ranges such as Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindu Kush.

These glaciers provide irrigation to the local agriculture system and are the lifeline of the entire North of Pakistan. Northerners construct intricate canal system to water crops. They often remove portions of the glaciers for refrigeration. Without the glaciers, there would be no life in the harsh terrain of the North.

These all glacies are mainly in Gilgit-Baltistan or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.The following is a list of some prominent glaciers of Pakistan.

Abruzzi Glacier, Skardu

Atrak Glacier, Chitral

Baltoro Glacier, Shigar

Barpa Glacier, Hoper Valley

Batura Glacier, Hunza

Biafo Glacier, Shigar

Biarchedi Glacier, Biarched Peak

Bilafond Glacier, Siachen

Chiantar Glacier, Chitral

Chogo Lungma Glacier, Shigar

Godwin-Austen Glacier, Skardu

Gondogoro Glacier, Skardu

Ghulkin Glacier, Shimshal Valley

Hispar Glacier, Nagar

Karanbar Glacier, Swat

Karakoram Glacier, Skardu

Kutia Lungma Glacier, Skardu

Miar Glacier, Hoper Valley

Malanguti Glacier

Panmah Glacier, Shigar

Passu Glacier, Hunza

Rupal Glacier, Astore

Sachiokuh Glacier

Sarpo Laggo Glacier, Xinjiang (autonomous region)

Shaigri Glacier

Shandar Glacier

Shani Glacier, Naltar

Shireen Maidan Glacier

Shishpar Glacier

Shuijerab Glacier

Shutwerth Glacier

Siachen Glacier, Hushe

Silkiang Glacier

Sim Glacier

Siru Glacier

Skora La Glacier

Sokha Glacier

South Barum Glacier

Sovoia Glacier

Stokpa Lungma Glacier

Sumayar Bar Glacier

Tarashing Glacier

Thalo Glacier

Thui Glacier

Tirich Mir Glacier, Chitral

Toltar Glacier

Toshain Glacier

Trango Glacier, Shigar

Trivor Glacier

Tsarak Tsa Glacier

Udren Glacier

Uli Biaho Glacier

Ultar Glacier

Upper Khurdopin Glacier

Upper Tirich Glacier

Vigne Glacier GlacierWaniya Glacier

Yermanendu Glacier

Yazghill Glacier

Yishkuk Glacier

Yukshgoz Glacier

Zindikharam Glacier

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