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A Teenager Michigan Killed Sleeping Father with Chemical

A Michigan adolescent is confronted with the possibility of spending her life behind bars following her conviction for the slaying of her father using a chemical drain cleanser.

On Thursday, Megan Joyce Imirowicz, a 19-year-old, was found guilty by a jury in Michigan of both domestic violence and the “unlawful possession or use of a harmful irritant causing death,” more than a year after her 64-year-old father Konrad Imirowicz’s demise, as stated in a press release from the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged that the assault occurred after Konrad informed his daughter that he was inebriated and incapable of driving her to a hair salon in October 2021, shortly before her birthday, as reported by NBC News.

“The conviction arises from an incident that transpired on October 1, 2021, when the then 18-year-old defendant doused her slumbering father with lye, a chemical drain cleanser,” the prosecutor’s statement added. “The victim was admitted to the hospital for chemical burns on his entire body. He managed to survive for five months following the attack but ultimately passed away on March 6, 2022, three days after being removed from life support, due to chemical burns and complications resulting from the chemical being thrown upon him.”

“This is a tragic case,” remarked Karen D. McDonald, the Oakland County Prosecutor, regarding Imirowicz, who was initially charged by state police in March 2022.

“The defendant erupted in fury and tragically ended up taking her father’s life,” he continued. “I commend the prosecution team for their extraordinary efforts in presenting the case and ensuring justice for the victim.”

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According to Law & Crime, Imirowicz’s attorney, Fred Miller, argued that her father informed investigators that he didn’t know who caused the burns and suggested that the authorities coerced a false confession from the teenager during questioning inside a vehicle.

Despite this, the 12-person jury reached a guilty verdict after hearing testimony from nine witnesses over a span of four days, according to the prosecutor’s press release.

Imirowicz is presently detained at the Oakland County Jail and will receive her sentence on July 25th.

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