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You Are Not So Smart | David McRaney | Book Review

You Are Not So Smart | David McRaney

Book Review

You Are Not So Smart | David McRaney

Review by Sidra Javed

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You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney

Recently I have read some very interesting self help books and thoroughly enjoyed them. For me they are like secret self assessment tools. You can analyse your own shortcomings as well as strong points without anyone knowing it. Because we all like to tell ourselves that we are intelligent human beings. For example, when you read You Are Not So Smart, the title of it challenges you to prove it wrong.


There are forty nine small chapters in the You Are Not So Smart. The opening statement of each one is interesting and catchy that you would want to read on. The writer shuns us for misconceptions about ourselves. Our way of thinking and the reality. For example.
THE MISCONCEPTION: Memories are played back like recordings.
THE TRUTH: Memories construct new information each time from whatever is currently available. Which makes them highly permeable to influence from the present.
THE MISCONCEPTION: You can predict how well you would perform in any situation.
THE TRUTH: You are generally pretty bad at estimating your competence and the difficulty of complex tasks.


Here you would think that no it’s not a misconception. But as you read on, the writer proves his point through research references and real life examples. Then you will reluctantly say ahhh I see the point… or, well actually you know he might be right about this. Don’t embarrass to accept you are wrong and not smart enough. Because nobody knows about it. While reading I occasionally laugh at me about my illusions.


The chapters are small not more than 2 pages. This makes it an easy read. There is a lot of research and experiment references proving writer right. Plenty of real life examples make it relatable. At first you might feel it’s a tough book because of the psychology terms. But I urge you to carry on. Everyone must read this book for self assessment tool. I thoroughly enjoyed You Are Not So Smart and totally recommended it.

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