Where Is The Freshman

18-year-old Michael Negrete was a freshman at UCLA in 1999. He was a good student, known for his boisterous laughter, his love for jazz music and video games, and his dislike for bare feet. On December 10, 1999, Michael was playing video games in his dorm room in Dykstra Hall until roughly 4 AM. When his roommate awoke later that morning, Michael was nowhere to be found, having left behind his shoes, wallet, clothing, and musical instruments. He was never heard from again. Search dogs tracked Michael’s scent to a bus stop two miles from campus, but the trail ended there. Later, investigators claimed the dogs were confused and the scent isn’t 100% trustworthy.

The only other possible clue in his disappearance was a man approximately in his 30s seen inside Dykstra Hall at around 4:30 AM, but the man has yet to be identified. Police released a composite sketch of the man witnessed and pleaded for him to come forward, assuring him he was not under investigation, but nobody ever did.

Some believe that his disappearance was possibly drug-related, as Michael was a known ecstasy user who attended many rave parties. Michael’s own brother believes he may have been under the influence when he wandered from campus and then fell victim to foul play. Michael was very well-liked and didn’t have enemies. Others theorize that Michael walked barefoot to the bus stop, as he had left his shoes behind, but with Michael’s aversion to barefeet, this theory raises doubts. He did not own a vehicle, either.

Foul play is suspected in Michael’s disappearance, and although the case remains open, it is unlikely that he’ll ever be seen by anyone again.


Do you believe the mysterious man found in the dormitories had anything to do with Michael’s disappearance?

Should investigators rely on canine tracking in Missing Persons Cases?

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