The Confession

“Swimsuit Boy” is the only as of now unidentified/ unkown victim of infamous and highly prolific Dean Corll(Aka”The Candy Man” google at your own risk)

His remains were discovered in 1973 after a confession with Elmer Wayne Henley. Parnter in crime to Corll. “Swimsuit Boy” was found wearing a grey colored T-shirt with a peace sign on the back, cowboy style boots, red blue and turquoise stripped “Catalina” brand trunks and a leather anklet. He was hispanic white or possible biracial Hispanic and white. Investigators estimated he had been decreased for at least a year prior to discovery.

Duing examination it was determined in life “Swimsuit Boy” had a very mild form of Spina bifida(a deformity of the spinal bones present at birth). Which could the way he walk However It is not state definitely if his medical condition would of effected him in anyway while living.

Henley and another boy named David Brooks (also an accomplice to both Henley and Corll’s crime spree) stated the trio committed several slayings in and around southwest Houston, Texas. Even confessing to having buried their victims.One aera was a boat shed which may point tword “Swimsuit Boy being from and area near water or a tourist

Though Henley and Brooks admitted to being present for several of the murders along with Corll. They both stated they couldn’t recall murdering this particular victim. As a result, it’s believed that this victim killed between 1971-1972. Investigators believe that Corll kidnapped and later killed “Swimsuit Boy”while acting alone.

Investigators received a tip in the mail about the decedent possibly being a boy named “Bobby French.” The tip also included several photos of Bobby that bore a “striking” resemblance to facial forenic reconstructions of “Swimsuit Boy.” The tip has been investigated. Unfortunately, none of Bobby’s family has ever been located. The person who sent the tip has not been found either.

Dure 2020 “Swimsuit Boy’s” DNA was sequenced by The DNA Doe Project in hopes of cracking this decades old case.

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