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Strange Murder Case of Allen Redston

On the eve preceding September 28, 1966, an Australian schoolboy named Allen Redston mysteriously disappeared, only to be tragically taken and slain. This somber event remains an enduring enigma, a notorious cold case shrouding Canberra in sorrow.

The tale begins on September 27, 1966, when Allen Redston’s mother entrusted him with a simple errand – to purchase ice cream for himself and his sibling from the shops in the serene Canberra suburb of Curtin. Yet, in an unexpected twist, young Redston sent his brother away, opting instead to seek company at a friend’s abode, intending to while away the day at the famed Curtin Tip. However, after a brief wait, he departed from the vicinity, vanishing from sight until the morrow when his lifeless body was discovered.

The lifeless form of Redston was unearthed by the authorities, nestled amidst a patch of reeds in a creek bed within Curtin. A grim tableau unfolded, as he was found bound, strangled, and enshrouded in a carpet before being discreetly moved to the very spot of his discovery.

A feverish manhunt ensued, leading investigators to discern descriptions of two plausible suspects: “a fair-haired adolescent aged between 13 and 15” and a young man. Both individuals were last seen in the company of Redston on the fateful day, departing from the vicinity where the heinous act is believed to have occurred. Remarkably, two boys came forth with chilling accounts of how two men, fitting the aforementioned descriptions, had previously assaulted and attempted to end their lives in a similar manner earlier that year. One of the boys was bound and thrown into a lake but miraculously managed to free himself and reach safety. The other was also bound, but thanks to the intervention of his friends, he narrowly escaped. Surprisingly, these distressing incidents had not previously been brought to the attention of law enforcement.

Though no official charges were ever laid, speculations pointed towards Derek Percy, a notorious serial killer, as a possible culprit in the untimely demise of Allen Redston. Despite Percy’s claim of being on vacation in Canberra during the period of the murder, he remained evasive about his involvement. Inevitably, his demise in 2013 brought any potential answers to the grave.

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