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Nights In Rodanthe | Nicholas Sparks | Book Review

Nights In Rodanthe

Book Review

Nights In Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

Review by Sidra Javed

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Nights In Rodanthe
Nicholas Sparks

Nights In Rodanthe is a love story, but not typically high on emotions, a roller coaster of meet-ups and break-ups. It’s neither too high on adrenaline at some point nor drowning in despair and sorrow the other moment. This story talks about love as it should be. The true essence is in bringing you strength, peace, a joy that fills your heart, lights your way and calms your soul.


The characters are mature individuals in the Nights In Rodanthe. Adrienne 45, a dutiful wife, a loving mother of teenagers over all content in her life. Then comes an ugly turn when her husband abandons her for a younger woman. Adrienne is devastated and clueless. She is heartbroken and in despair. During this difficult time a friend offers her a getaway to the small town of Rodanthe, North Caroline, to look after her inn for the weekend. There she meets Paul Flenner 54, a successful surgeon who is on his way to meet his son. He works at a charity clinic. He is one of the best dr in his field. But his pursuit of excellence and being a workaholic, cost of his marriage. Plus things turn sour with his son too. His heart is aching and looking for some reprieve.


This heartache and emptiness in the Night In Rodanthe brings them closer over the weekend. It’s a moving reminder that love is possible at any age and at any time. It often comes when we least expect it. It’s a fleeting encounter that lasts a lifetime relationship. Adrienne has to come back home and Paul has to move on to meet his son. But the connection and love they share is precious and treasured by both.

There are other stories in Nights In Rodanthe too. Adrienne and her daughter, Paul and his practice, but the main focus remains on the two characters. The most refreshing thing about the story is that there is no unnecessary drama. Although Adrienne was betrayed by her husband, this did not turn her into a bitter person. She is hurt, yet she accepts it. She knows that drowning into sorrow wouldn’t change anything. Adrienne has to gather herself and live on for the children.

Paul has lost his wife and son. He leaves behind his thriving practice to save whatever he can. Also he is willing to accept his mistakes and apologise. He wants to reunite with his son.
Nights In Rodanthe really touches your heart. It makes you sad (I cried while reading Nights In Rodanthe) yet it gives you hope too. If you are in search of a soothing and easy read give this one a try. Totally recommended.

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