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I Have Lost My Way | Gayle Forman | Book Review

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I Have Lost My Way | Gayle Forman

Review by Sidra Javed

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I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman

After reading some heavy, emotionally draining fiction and serious self help stuff, I wanted to read something light. Picked up “I Have Lost My Way” from the bookshelf. This is a light story with simple narration but thoroughly engaging.

There are three main characters who lost something or other. Freya, who is a rising singing sensation. She belongs to a migrant family of four. Her Dad is passionate about music. Both he and Freya love singing. When her Dad goes back to his homeland not to return, Freya rekindles the bond with her sister Sabrina. Their mother becomes their manager and handles the social media accounts. By luck they get connected with Haydin who is a guru among celebrities. Here starts a whirlpool of media management. But Freya loses the bond she had with her sister.


All is going well when one day while recording she lost her voice. Her singing was her asset to connect with people which is no more. She devastatingly feels alone and lost. In “I Have Lost My Way” there’s Harun who is an under burden young man. He cannot share his secrets with anyone while living an artificial happy life. He pretends to be an ideal son but losing the person whom he loves. So he feels alone and lost.

Nathaniel is feeling lost and alone as well after the death of his father. When his mother left his father, he decided to stay back and take care of him. In this house Nathaniel is the adult while his father is the child. Nathaniel has to take care of basic things like laundry, food etc. His whole world was his father but now he passed away. Natt doesn’t know how to keep going on.

A fateful accident gathered these three strangers. They started unravelling their secrets. They begin to understand that the only way to get out of their loss is helping others. I fully recommend “I Have Lost My Way”.

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