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Famous Actress Judith Barsi Killed by Her Own Father

Who was Judith Eva Barsi?

Judith was the offspring of József Barsi and Maria Virovcz, both Hungarian immigrants seeking refuge from the Soviet occupation around 1956. The couple crossed paths years later at a Los Angeles restaurant frequented by fellow immigrants, where Maria worked as a waitress.

Who was József Barsi, the father of the girl?

Prior to marrying Maria, József had a tumultuous first marriage. Marked by abuse, physical violence, and alcoholism on József Barsi’s part, his previous relationship resulted in two children, Ági Barsi and Barna Barsi, who were abandoned by their father when he relocated to California.

Who was Maria Virovc, the mother of the girl?

Maria Virovcz had an abusive father, both physically and psychologically. She always harbored dreams of becoming an actress, but never had the opportunity. The moment she met József Barsi sitting at the restaurant bar, she fell in love instantly, believing he was the man who could love and protect the family she had always yearned for. They tied the knot in the late 1970s.

Judith Barsi was the sole child resulting from this union.

Maria saw in her daughter the opportunity to fulfill her own dreams through Judith’s accomplishments, and from a very young age, she began preparing her with dance, poise, and acting classes. Judith’s participation in these activities was not obligatory; in fact, she loved them, and they provided a moment of pure enjoyment for both mother and daughter.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations that she would never become an actress and that the odds were slim, Judith was discovered at the age of five by an agent at an ice rink. The young girl caught attention due to her appearing two years younger than her actual age and being exceptionally communicative.

An ascending career Following this encounter, Judith’s career took off. She began earning approximately $100,000 per year, enabling her family to move into a larger house.

The young girl enrolled in a local school in Nevada, but she missed a significant amount of classes due to recording sessions and acting commitments.

Sometime after the relocation, Judith’s father started exhibiting paranoid behavior. During one of these episodes, he constructed an iron fence around their house, which struck everyone as peculiar since none of the neighboring houses in the safe suburb were fenced.

In contrast to József, Maria was outgoing and communicative. It was through conversations with neighbors that her husband’s troubled past began to surface.

Judith starts starring in successful roles Judith began appearing in numerous commercials, many of them for renowned brands like McDonald’s.

It was during this time that the crew of the mini-series “Fatal Vision” discovered her. After auditioning, she landed the role of Kimberly MacDonald.

As Judith’s success grew, her father became increasingly jealous and abusive. He even made threats of killing himself and his family if they were to abandon him. His alcoholism, which had already been a problem, worsened significantly, resulting in three DUI arrests.

In December 1986, Maria visited a police station to report the abuse she had endured. However, the police dismissed her claims, stating there was no “physical evidence” to support her allegations. Consequently, Judith’s mother gave up on pressing charges.

Following this incident, József quit drinking, but the threats and verbal abuse persisted. Judith found herself living in an.

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