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Disappearance Of Lars Mittank

On June 30, 2014, Lars Mittank, 28, toured to Golden Sands, Bulgaria with a group of buddies. The resort village is an outstanding destination for young Europeans. The group stopped at HVD Viva Hotel and was scheduled on going home on July 7th.

On July 6th, Lars got into a fight with four other men over football teams. Lars was a punch in the ear and suffered a broken eardrum. A local doctor who examined him said that he could not go home the next day as planned (some news explains he was allowed to fly but Lars said his mother he was not or that he wanted not to fly home) and prescribed Lars the antibiotic Cefuroxime 500. His friends wished to wait with him, but Lars insisted he would fine by himself.

Lars’ friends went back home while Lars rented an ordinary room at Color, a local hotel near the center of Varna. That night, he phoned his mum in Germany and said to her he was being followed and did not feel comfortable staying at this hotel. He declared four men were following him who liked to realize what the tablets were. He liked to cancel his credit cards and noted there was something weird about the hotel. His mother booked him an airplane and bus ticket for home the next day on July 8, 2014. On that day, Lars went back to Varna Airport via a taxi wishing that an airport doctor would let him fly home.

Lars is noticed on the airport security cam stepping into the airport with a red and black backpack and holding a large duffel bag in his right hand. He’s wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt and jean shorts. He stays and chats to a woman. It seems he’s asking her something, maybe how to get to Medical Services. After he comes to Medical Services, he spends about 45 minutes there.

An unidentified male stepped into Medical Services dressed like a building worker. When Lars saw this man, he became uncomfortable, whispered something to the doctor, then rushed out of the airport leaving his baggage and backpack behind. He lightly ran across the parking lot and climbed a fence. He started again running out of the camera’s view. Lars vanished after that and has not been seen since. Lars had no record of mental illness.

The internet is rampant with concepts as to what occurred to Lars – everything from organ trafficking to Lars being a drug smuggler to Lars having a bad effect of the antibiotic he was discussing about a head injury from the fight he got into. Still, there is no proof to suggest either of these things occurred.

There was an unconfirmed sighting of Lars around Easter 2015 (April 5). A truck driver insisted he gave a young man a lift that matched Lars’ details. Still, it is not known where he brought the young man.

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