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Dear Child – Mysterious and Spooky Storyline – Series Review

Series: Dear Child

Genre: Psychological Thriller

My Rating: 7.9/10

Once you start Dear Child you find it hard to look away. This beautifully crafted limited series “Dear Child” is a psychological thriller based on Romy Hausmann’s novel “Liebes Kind”.

The story is about a woman and her two children. A man held captive them in a windowless makeshift home. One day the woman managed to escape. That is the beginning of a narrative of back and forth until the story finally resolves itself.

A very well written psychological thriller with perfect music and sound effects. The director was successful in making us confused and hyped about the identity of the killer. He did not reveal the killer till the end.

I indulge in watching it all at once during a single night. Loved how engaging it was throughout the entire story but the ending left me unsatisfied. However, I felt he didn’t properly broke the sudden news about the killer’s family.

The actress (Kim Riedle) playing the character “Jasmin” gave an absolutely wonderful performance. The emotions she had in her performance were unbelievably good.

I definitely can’t ignore the very strong performance by the wonderful little “Hannah” (Played by Naila Schuberth) who also was wonderful. Honestly a good watch for everyone who likes psychological thrillers.

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