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Delphi Double Homicide Case

Attorneys representing Richard Allen, the primary suspect in the Delphi double homicide case, contend that teenagers Liberty German and Abigail Williams were subjected to a “ritualistic sacrifice” at the hands of adherents to a pagan Norse religion and a white nationalist group known as “Odinism.”

The latest development in this case arises from a substantial document release by Allen’s legal team on Monday. They are petitioning the judge to dismiss the evidence collected during a search of Allen’s residence shortly before his arrest last year.

The crux of the case against Allen centers on an unfired .40 caliber bullet discovered at the crime scene. Ballistic analysis indicates that this bullet had been cycled through a handgun recovered from his residence, as outlined in a probable cause affidavit.

However, Allen’s legal representatives assert that the search violated his constitutional rights, as law enforcement and prosecutors omitted critical information from their search warrant application. Among the most pivotal omissions, they allege, is a connection between the murders and a group of practitioners of the occult.

Furthermore, they contend that there is no substantiated evidence linking Allen to Odinism, other pagan faiths, or white nationalist organizations. Meanwhile, Allen has endured a harrowing existence at the Westville Correctional Facility, where he is held for security reasons in anticipation of his January trial.

As previously reported, Allen’s legal team claims that his physical and mental well-being has significantly deteriorated since his confinement in Westville, following his arrest in connection with the 2017 homicides of Williams and German.

In a series of court documents filed on Monday, Allen’s attorneys assert that many of the guards at Westville are affiliated with the “Odinite cult” and have subjected Allen to “threats, intimidation, and psychological torment.”

The 136-page document also discloses additional information about the crime scene near the Monon High Bridge and the aftermath of what has been described as a “ritual.” This includes the discovery of several “runes,” sticks deliberately arranged on the bodies of the young girls, and an “F” painted on a nearby tree using German’s blood.

Furthermore, the document alludes to four individuals, whom law enforcement has never publicly identified as suspects, refraining from naming them due to their lack of arrest or formal charges.

An individual from Logansport, reportedly in a relationship with Williams, allegedly posted images on social media that mirrored the crime scene. Another individual from Rushville purportedly confessed to his sister regarding his involvement in the killings.

Two additional men, one from Rushville and another from Delphi living just 3 miles from the crime scene, are also implicated, according to Allen’s legal team. They contend that the official investigation has failed to adequately pursue the Odinist suspects, despite compelling evidence of Odinites’ involvement in the murders.

The suspects’ identities were allegedly disclosed and dismissed in a 12-page “Odin Report” compiled by an Indiana State Police trooper, the lead agency in the case.

The trooper is quoted in the court document, describing the crime scene as evoking a sense of almost “satanic worship and sacrifice,” a concept difficult to fathom.

Additionally, the document references an 85-page report from a Rushville investigator, claiming that the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit concluded that the individual(s) responsible for the homicides adhered to Nordic beliefs.

However, ISP investigators dispute this assertion, asserting that the FBI unit never made such a determination.

Carroll County Sheriff Tony Liggett and an ISP spokesperson declined to comment further, citing a gag order in place for this case.

News 18 attempted to contact Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland but has not received an immediate response.

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