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Canadian Police Solve Murder Case Of Sharron Prior
Sharron Prior

Canadian Police Solve Murder Case of Sharron Prior

The rape and murder case of Sharron Prior, a 16-year-old Canadian teenager in 1975, has finally resolved. Authorities in Longueuil, Quebec, have confirmed that Franklin Maywood Romine was responsible for the tragic demise of young Sharron Prior in the Montreal suburb. Citing conclusive DNA evidence, the police are now certain that Romine was both the murderer and rapist of Prior. Remarkably, it has come to light that Romine was a member of Prior’s own family. Sadly, he passed away in 1982 under mysterious circumstances and laid to rest in West Virginia.

The rape and murder of Sharron Prior remained an unsolved case following her disappearance on March 29, 1975. She had ventured out to meet friends at a local pizza parlour near her residence in Montreal’s Pointe-St-Charles neighborhood. However, her lifeless body discovered three days later in a wooded area in Longueuil, situated on the South Shore of Montreal. Despite years of exhaustive investigations, law enforcement authorities failed to apprehend any suspects among the more than 100 individuals scrutinized.

On the YouTube channel Under The Ash Tree, a documentary titled “COLD CASE: The Murder of Sharron Prior” provides further insights into various aspects of her life, such as her compassionate nature, love for animals, and dedication to caring for stray creatures. Her aspiration was to become a Veterinarian. On March 29, 1975, she spent the day painting Easter eggs and attending to unfinished tasks before proceeding to meet her friends at the pizza parlour, where she tragically never arrived. The shocking news of Prior’s discovery reached her family one day, leaving them in profound distress. It revealed that her lifeless body found by a beekeeper named Jacques Beltran in his apiary.

Another user disclosed information linking the perpetrator Romine to the potential killing of Tammy Leakey. According to Theresaallore.com, Tammy, a 12-year-old girl, went missing on the evening of March 12, 1981. Her mother sent her to purchase milk for coffee and some candy bars. 73 year old Ewing Tait found her body. The autopsy report indicated that Tammy strangled with a length of rope or electrical wire.

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