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Bizarre Cases Of People Killed While Having Sex

Bizarre Cases

On November 2010, Garron Lewis, a resident of Milwaukee, WI, committed the heinous act of murdering his girlfriend, Sharron Dorsey (44). The tragic incident occurred when Dorsey answered her cell phone during their intimate moment, which caused Lewis to become enraged. Lewis threatened to strangle Dorsey and proceeded to tighten a cord around her neck, ultimately ending her life. Heartbreakingly, Sharron’s daughter discovered her lifeless mother lying in her underwear on a bed in the basement.

Lewis confessed to a friend about the bizarre case of murder of Sharron Dorsey. He revealed the motive behind his horrific actions.

Another bizarre case took place in Manchester, England, on April 13th, 2010. Gary Higgs and Joanne Kitchen were at their Radcliffe residence, engaged in an intimate encounter. A common activity for couples. However, an unfortunate misunderstanding occurred when Joanne uttered the name “Chris” while expressing her desire for more intensity. This triggered an outburst of rage in Gary. He stormed off to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and burst into the bedroom. Without hesitation, he stabbed Joanne in the back and chest. Despite her struggles, Gary seized the alarm clock cord from the nightstand. He tightly wrapped it around her neck to end her life.

Joanne Kitchen was a beloved figure in her family, having two daughters and two grandchildren. She was a cheerful woman who got along well with everyone. Joanne worked as a security guard at a local college and enjoyed positive relationships with the teachers and staff members. Her absence left a significant void in the lives of her loved ones. They lament that things will never be the same.

Higgs, now imprisoned, awaits a 15 year sentence before become eligible for parole.

On Christmas Day in 1997, in Stamfordham, England, 23 year old Steven Ling approached a police car. He signaled for it to take him directly to the police station. Ling had a bizarre revelation to share. He had just killed a woman while sexual activity. Ling met Joanne Tulip, 29, the previous night at a local pub. They decided to proceed to Ling’s place for a sexual encounter. Unexpectedly, Ling unleashed a torrent of violence. He stabbed Tulip multiple times. He confessed that he did not understand why he committed such a horrifying act. Ling continued to attack her, ultimately inflicting 60 stab wounds and suffocating her with a duvet. Ling received a life sentence less than a year later.

A deeply bizarre incident unfolded in Seattle, where a man lost his life due to an unusual case of bestiality. Detectives are currently investigating the possibility that an Enumclaw farm served as a base for an animal abuse ring. Shockingly, such acts remain legal in Washington State.

Sheriff’s investigators uncovered a sordid affair. A group of men engaged in sexual acts with animals on a small farm outside Enumclaw. These clandestine encounters came to light when a 45 year old Seattle man tragically lost his life while intercourse with an Arabian stallion.

The medical examiner determined the man’s death to be accidental. Sergeant John Urquhart from the King County Sheriff’s Office called it the most bizarre case they had ever encountered. Incidents resulting in death were unheard of until this shocking occurrence.

Investigators suspect that this farm became a notorious location for bestiality due to people discovering it through Internet chat rooms. The duration of these activities remains unknown, but the central figure has been renting the farm for approximately six years. It is yet to be determined if money was exchanged for these acts. However, consider the bizarre nature of such activities, it seems probable. The Humane Society of the USA asserts that bestiality should be illegal. It cites cases where smaller animals suffered severe injuries or have been killed and disposed of in deplorable ways.

While the Sheriff’s office investigates potential animal cruelty charges, the animals involved remain at the farm. Although bestiality remains legal in Washington State, at least 30 other states have outlawed such practices. The Humane Society, in collaboration with Pasado’s Save Haven, has initiated campaigns to make bestiality illegal in Washington as well.

Arthur Sedille was a young man of only 23 when he entered into a marital union with 50-year-old Rebecca Sedille. The couple resided together in a home in Canadian County, Oklahoma. One fateful night, December 21st, 2012, tragedy struck during a sexual encounter in their bedroom.

In a moment of heightened passion, Arthur reached for a handgun that sat on the couple’s nightstand. He often engaged in as a personal “fantasy,” involved tying up Rebecca or pointing a gun to her head. Unfortunately, on that particular night, Arthur’s involvement in this fantasy escalated tragically. Inadvertently, he pulled the trigger, believing the gun to be unloaded.

Arthur cooperated fully with the police. He claimed that it was an accident and expressed his disbelief regarding the gun’s loaded state. However, investigators found his statement insufficient, leading to his arrest on suspicion of first-degree murder.

According to the mistress of one of France’s wealthiest men, those were the final words he spoke before she fired a bullet into his brain and three more into his body as he writhed on the floor of his Geneva, Switzerland apartment. The lifeless body of Edouard Stern, a 50 year old banker was discovered clad entirely in a latex suit in 2005. Two weeks later, his mistress, identified as Brossard, was apprehended and confessed to the murder.

A judge and a 12 member jury at Geneva’s Court of Assizes sentenced Brossard to eight and a half years. The jury emphasized the gravity of her offense and the particularly cowardly bizarre nature of the crime. The victim was utterly defenseless, having no inkling that such a heinous act awaited him. The prosecution, represented by Daniel Zappelli, advocated for an 11 year prison term. It stated that Brossard exploited Stern’s submissive state and acted out of hatred and selfishness.

Brossard’s defense attorney, Alec Reymond, argued that the crime stemmed from a passionate outburst rather than premeditated murder. He highlighted Brossard’s feelings of guilt and profound psychological distress. Throughout her four years of detention, she received psychiatric treatment on 11 occasions and even attempted suicide.

Brossard claimed that Stern had promised marriage and had deposited $1 million into a special account for her. However, their dispute over control of the funds shattered their love story. When Stern blocked access to the account, Brossard’s suspicions about his love for her were confirmed, leaving her feeling humiliated and used. It was this profound sense of betrayal that drove her to shoot Stern. She expressed her deep remorse and acknowledged the suffering endured by Beatrice Stern, the victim’s divorced wife, and their three children.

During their final evening together, the couple engaged in sexual role-play, with Stern assuming a submissive position while bound to a chair and dressed in a latex suit. In a moment of emotional intensity, Stern uttered the words, “One million for a whore, that’s expensive.” Unable to control her emotions, Brossard responded by shooting him once in the head. As he struggled to escape from the chair and fell to the floor, she fired three more shots.

Prosecutors claimed that money was the primary motive for Brossard’s actions. However, she denied this, asserting that she sought the money as proof of Stern’s love for her rather than personal gain. Following the crime, Brossard took measures to conceal the evidence, traveled to Australia, and deceived her acquaintances over the phone.

Stern, known for his background in investment banking, had worked at his family’s firm, Banque Stern, from the age of 22. At the age of 24, with the assistance of two uncles, he ousted his father from the company. Although estimates of his wealth varied, he was believed to be worth several hundred million dollars.

During a sexual encounter, Marcus Coates, aged 44, strangled 32-year-old Jennie Banner. He then carried her partially unclothed body to her bedroom and covered her with a blanket, neglecting to remove or loosen the belt he had tightly fastened around her neck. Coates and Banner, both residents of Kent, England, had known each other for several years. Banner worked as a call girl, and in late August 2011, Coates agreed to pay her for sex. They went to Banner’s apartment, where they engaged in drug use and sexual activity. It was during this encounter that Coates placed a belt around Banner’s neck and strangled her. He confessed to the murder five days later.

During the trial, Coates’ defense claimed that Banner had tightened the belt herself, and Coates was unable to loosen it before her death. However, the jury rejected this defense, largely due to photographs showing Coates’ ex-wife being forced to wear a dog collar. Her testimony described instances where Coates had choked her to the point of losing consciousness during sex. In May 2012, Coates found guilty of manslaughter. She is serving an indefinite prison sentence.

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