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Atomic Habits
Atomic Habits | James Clear

Atomic Habits | James Clear | Book Review

Atomic Habits

James Clear

Self help books can be understood when you are going through a similar situation in life. Then these books make sense and might even help you. But this book is among a few that will hit the mark all the time, because we are always looking forward to build good habits that will serve us right. When I looked at the title of this book I thought it’s about building some powerful and big shot habits but here the word Atomic refers to atoms. Small things even unnoticeable changes or improvements can have an astounding effect.
There are many easy and do-able tips to harness good habits in your daily routine. The writer divides this process in four parts:
1) Make it obvious.
2) Make it attractive.
3) Make it easy.
4) Make it satisfying.


Each step is discussed in detail with examples and charts etc. with easy steps and relatable situations. While reading, I realized there are some tips that have actually helped me in establishing some habits e.g., there is a tip that before making a perchase exceeding a certain amount of money, wait for 24 hours . I have been practicing this and it has reduced my impulsive online shopping. Similarly the writer suggests when starting a new habit, do it for 2 minutes only. I started my reading habit like this I set a 30 minutes maximum time and it has worked great for me.

Book offers many easy and small tips like this throughout. It is a feel good book as it made me think anybody can build good habits, the only thing needed is consistency.
Book is very engaging in manner. Plenty of examples and visuals. Easy to understand terminology. Divided into chapters and a summary at the end of each to reinforce the concepts. You will learn a good amount of fruitfull suggestions from this book.
I recommend it.

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