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The Great Basin Murders – A Strange Case

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Great Basin Murders

Tragic Unsolved Human Miseries

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The Great Basin Murders occurred between 1983 and 1997. Within these 14 years, nine women (and possibly one man) lost their lives. Some left upon snowy hilltops or simply abandoned along engorged river beds. Others strewn haphazardly in the barren desert. Most of the women were hitchhiking from one part of the United States to the other. But they never reach their respective final destination.

The Great Basin region is spanning on six Western states of USA. It is a vast, temperate desert with plants and wild animals. The enormous desert stretches over 200,000 miles between Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, California and Idaho. There are sagebrush bushes, juniper trees, packs of mule, deer and bighorn sheep. The basin is desolate. The Wasatch mountains to the East, the Sierra Nevada mountains to the West, and the Snake River Plains to the North. The barren South rim leaves something to visit.


Due to the dramatic increase in elevation, there is a wide diversity of plant and wildlife. Between the basin floor and the peaks of the mountain range, all thrive due to the increase of water. This water accumulates in the saline lakes, without any outlet to the ocean or gulf. Swinging between hot dry summers and wet snowy winters, Great Basin region often appeals human life ventures. There were some murders. Nine of the victims have met extremely unfortunate ends. Not at the hands of mother nature, but by the cruelty of man.

Most of the victims were sexually assaulted before their murder. Some died by strangulation, others by stabbing wounds or gunshots. The public believe that the victims were all killed by the same person or a serial killer dubbed as “The Great Basin Killer.”

The deaths of the young women were actually due to multiple killers hunting along the Great Basin. Some of these murders solved. But some are still a mystery after decades. Two of the women have never even been identified. They have lost their names lost on the day of their untimely death.

Great Basin Murders by Fehmeeda Farid Khan

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