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Teenager Crystal Faye Todd Brutally Murdered By Friend
Crystal Faye Todd

Teenager Crystal Faye Todd Brutally Murdered By Friend

Teenager Murdered

Conway, South Carolina, witnessed a tranquil on Saturday evening on November 16, 1991. It’s Situated in Horry County, merely twelve miles from Myrtle Beach. This petite Southern community received the influx of tourists during the resort season. Most of the establishments, hotels and eateries just resumed their regular operations. The streets were now less congested. The inhabitants of town were content to return to their usual routines.


The youth of Conway gather in the solitary mall of town on Saturdays. These teenagers were familiar with one another, as attend the same high school. The Coastal Mall served as a popular social hub where they amble and engage in casual conversations. They make plans and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Crystal Faye Todd was an alluring 17 year old. She was in her senior year at Conway High School. Crystal was admired by her peers. She excelled academically. Her radiant blue eyes and fresh smile, framed by shoulder length brown locks. Despite her petite stature of only five feet three inches, Crystal’s vibrant personality complemented her delicate frame.


Crystal attended her grandmother’s birthday dinner party in the nearby Toddsville community. At 7 PM, Crystal bid farewell to the gathering and settled into her new 1991 Celica. Her mother, Bonnie Faye Todd bestowed the car upon her as an early graduation gift. Crystal was delighted to be behind the wheel again, as her license suspended due to an overdose of alcohol. The car was her pride and joy. She proudly displayed her name on the vehicle as “C TODD,” on a personalized license plate.


Crystal Todd shared the same aspirations as her teenager classmates. She eagerly anticipated to join them at the mall, realizing that the opportunity would soon dwindle. Graduation loomed a few months ahead, marking the transition to new chapters and careers for them.

Upon arriving at the mall, Crystal mingled with her friends. By 8 PM, she was busy in conversing with a girlfriend in the parking lot. At 9 PM, both girls departed the mall in Crystal’s car. They intended to join a party of a friend in the Punchbowl community. They arrived shortly before 9:30 PM. At 11 PM, Crystal bid farewell to the gathering with her girlfriend. The latter had an 11:15 curfew and needed to retrieve her car from the Mall. Crystal dropped off her friend at the parking lot, seemingly unperturbed. Teenager Crystal and her mother agreed upon a curfew of midnight.

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