Parking (Movie Review) – The Battle of Fragile Ego

Parking is a domestic drama in a thrilling tone by Ramkumar Balakrishnan. The director takes the story to a much darker place, revealing the consequences of a hurt ego. The movie is all about an egoistic clash between two gentlemen due to a parking slot in their residential area.

Parking is an exploration of human dynamics, centred around a seemingly trivial conflict over a petty issue of space. The storyline unfolds a young couple renting the first floor. It turns out clashes with a 60-year-old man on the ground floor. A car purchasing ignited a battle of ego. The film skillfully weaves together varying emotions and introspection, using the parking dispute as a metaphor for larger human conflicts.


The movie “Parking” triumphantly delivering a powerful message about prevailing over ego. It leaves audience with a warm sense of satisfaction and a reminder that even the smallest battles can teach us profound lessons.

Rock-solid performance of the lead cast especially M.S Bhaskar and Harish Kalyan add realistic touch and emotional intensity into the movie. The supporting cast also deliver commendable performance. The screenplay is well-crafted and the credit goes to the director. He took a seemingly ordinary story about a parking issue and crafts it into a strong screenplay which is filled with compelling dialogues.


The director as well as the production house deserves the loud applause for creating a unique story of Parking. A special nod to the music director, whose work significantly enhances the gripping nature of the thriller.

In summary, Parking successfully delivers entertainment and thought-provoking content. The strong performances, well-crafted screenplay, and engaging conflict make it a worth watching for audience who seek a blend of humour and reflection on human nature.

My Rating: 4/5
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