Shangri-la Resorts | Heaven in Skardu

Shangrila resorts Skardu

Shangri-la Resorts: Shangri-la is a brainchild of the Brigadier Muhammad Aslam Khan (late), who was the first commander of the Northern Scouts of the Pakistan Army. It was the first-ever resort of its kind, on the sil of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. It on the side of the Shangri-la lake which also adorn the name of Lower Kachura lake. The altitude …

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Arrang Kel: Azad Kashmir is truly considered a heaven on the face of the Earth and Arrang Kel is its jewel. It is just 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) from Kel valley. Its elevation is 8,379 feet (2,554 metres) above sea level. The distance of Kel valley from Muzaffarabad (capital of Azad Kashmir) is 155 Kilometres (96 miles). The altitude of …

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Passu Cones | Gilgit – Baltistan | Pakistan

Passu, Gilgit-Baltitan

Passu Cones Gilgit-Baltistan Passu is the place of great significance when we talk about Gilgit-Baltistan. It is the junction of three great mountain ranges of the world, the highest peaks like K2, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum, Masherbrum, Rakaposhi as well as Deosai Plains, huge Glaciers like Baltoro, Batura, scenic valleys. There are so many places to wander about the Gilgit-Baltistan Region but …

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Panorama of Peer Hassimar | Muzaffarabad

Peer Hassimar, Muzaffarabad

Peer Hassimar Muzaffarabad: When we talk about beauty of Kashmir, numerous of places come into mind and we get curious to explore those areas. There is Neelum valley, Jhelum valley, Pearl valley, Leepa valley and the list goes on. Muzaffarabad is not only the capital of Azad Kashmir but also the gateway to all these beautiful valleys. It is an …

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Neel Fairy Meadows – Haveli Azad Kashmir

Neel Fairy Meadows: Neel Fairy Meadows is a place situated in Azad Kashmir. Kashmir is one of the most beautiful state in the world which is called as heaven on the earth. Its moderate and significantly pleasant weather distinguishes it from the other places of the world. Neelum valley, Jhelum valley, Pearl valley and Shounter valley are among a few …

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Cuisines Of Swat | Pakistan

Swati Cuisines

Cuisines of Pakistan: Pakistani cuisines are mainly inspiration of Middle Eastern or Central Asian countries. The cooking style and traditions are somehow similar to the Northern Indian cuisines which are mostly meat dominating. Pakistani cuisine is vastly diversified. From region to region, it impacts the ethnic and cultural diversity. Punjabi and Sindhi recipes are rich in taste but they are …

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Urban Heat Islands (UHIs) Menace In Big Cities

Urban Heat Island

In the month of June 2015, hundreds of people lost their lives due to Urban Heat Islands or the climatic heatwave and the situation even got worsen by acute shortage of water, non-availability of electricity and scarcity of life saving medicines. Federal Government, Government of Sindh, KESC and other departments of Public Service, played a blame game on one another. In …

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