Sindh And Balochistan Lakes | A Quick Review

Keenjhar Lake Sindh

Sindh and Balochistan Lakes: The world is too much with us, late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers: Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea; Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn. William Wordsworth In the wake …

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Pearl Continental Hotel of Muzaffarabad

Pearl Continental Hotel Muzaffarabad

Pearl Continental Hotel: Pearl Continental Hotel or PC is a beautiful hotel amidst hill-top of Muzaffarabad, which is capital city of Azad Kashmir. It has a wonderful landscape with green pastures of hilly areas around. Being a junction place of two rivers i.e., Neelum and Jhelum, the city is a must visit place. When the blue icy-chilled water of Neelum …

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Darbar Mian Muhammad Bux, Khari Sharif

Khari Sharif: Khari Sharif is a popular place of District Mirpur of Azad Kashmir. It lies side by side Mirpur city along the river Jhelum. It is a fertile and agricultural land. Khari Sharif consists of about 80 villages. It is at a distance of 8 kilometres from the city of Mirpur. This place is famous for the Shrines of …

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Places to Watch Sunrise

Places to Explore: We always talk about the magnificent beauty and charm of the North of Pakistan yet the reality is that every corner of our country is wonderful. From the heights of K-2 in the Gilgit-Baltistan to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea in the South. From mystic Balochistan to magnificent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. When we intend to travelling …

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Clandestine Balochistan – Pakistan

Naushki Desert,Balochistan

Balochistan: Balochistan is the largest Province of Pakistan which is in the South-West of the country. Quetta is the largest city of Balochistan and the Provincial capital as well. The border of the province connects with the Punjab and FATA from the North-Eastern side. It joins Sindh on the South-East, the Arabian Sea is in its South whereas Iran is …

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Sarwali Peak

Sarwali Peak: Sarwali Peak or Dabbar Peak is located between Neelum valley and at the brink of Shounter valley. It is in the foothill of Nanga Parbat. It resembles to Nanga Parbat in its appearance. Sarwali Peak, also Toshe-Ri I, is the highest peak in Azad Kashmir. Its altitude is 20,754 feet (6,326 metres) above sea level. Sarwali glacier surrounds …

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Kirthar National Park

The Kirthar Mountain Range: Kirthar is a mountain range which consists of a series of parallel rock hill ridges. Its at the elevation of 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) on the South and about 8,000 feet (2,500 metres) on the North. The range lies between Balochistan and Sindh Provinces of Pakistan. It stretches towards Southward for about 190 miles (300 kilometres) …

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World Disabled Day

World Disabled Day: The world is celebrating the World Disabled Day on the 3rd day of December. It is celebrated every year in recognition of the significance of the PWDs (Person with Disability). The PWDs are unprivileged segment of the society, almost all over the world. Definition of Disability: Disability is relative term, which refers to the physical, cognitive, intellectual, mental, …

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,Mahudand Lake, Swat

The Mahudand Lake: Mahudand Lake is in the Upper Ushu valley of Swat. The distance of the lake is about 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Kalam, Swat. It is one of the most famous tourist resort hence it seems like an utmost choice of the holiday-makers from all over Pakistan. Mahudand literally means the lake of Fish. It is situated …

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Shounter Top | Neelum Valley | Azad Kashmir

Shounter Valley, Neelum Valley

Shounter Valley: Neelum valley is situated in the North & North Eastern side of Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. Its elevation is 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) above sea level. The marvelous landscape, utmost scenic beauty, panoramic view, sky scraping hills occupy both sides of the meandering River Neelum. Lush green thick forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream …

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