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Owen Burns Uses Slingshot To Save His Sister From Kidnapping

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Owen Burns

Owen Burns Uses Slingshot To Save His Sister From Kidnapping

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Owen Burns assumed that his younger sister was engaged in merriment with her companions in the rear garden when he caught the sound of her piercing screams, which agitated him. Glancing out of his bedroom window a few moments later, the 13-year-old beheld an unfamiliar figure with his hand gently veiling his 8-year-old sister’s mouth, endeavoring to draw her towards the adjacent woodland.

Seated upon his bed, Owen seized his slingshot and procured makeshift projectiles: a marble and a stone, as fate would have it. He loaded the marble first, then withdrew the golden, plastic tubing of the slingshot, directed it through his open window at the stranger situated 200 feet distant, and released.

The missile struck the intruder squarely between the eyes. Owen proceeded to reload with the stone and discharged once more, this time aiming for the chest.

“He was employing profanity.” Owen elucidated to The Washington Post.

This marked the commencement of an uncanny encounter on the 10th of May outside Owen’s domicile in Alpena Township, Michigan, where endeavors of abduction were a rare occurrence, as attested by the children’s mother, Maggie Burns. By the close of the day, Owen’s sister would be unharmed yet disconcerted, Owen himself would be hailed as a valiant protagonist with an impressive marksmanship, and a local 17-year-old would find himself incarcerated, facing accusations of attempting to abduct an 8-year-old from her familial domain.

In an official statement, the Michigan State Police refrained from disclosing the identity of the teenager, age 17, but affirmed his arraignment as an adult. Law enforcement lauded Owen for averting a potentially calamitous circumstance.

“It is he who truly… I believe, rescued his sister from either peril or a grievous misfortune,” Lieutenant John Grimshaw conveyed during a press briefing, commending Owen’s extraordinary conduct.

“He is worthy of commendation for this,” he added.

Owen’s slingshot held no extraordinary attributes. He recounted to The Washington Post that his mother had acquired it for him at a clearance sale for a trifling $3 some years back. Occasionally, he ventured into the backyard to engage in target practice, directing his aim at aged orange juice cans.

On the afternoon of May 10, he was not initially occupied with it. Instead, following his return from school, he immersed himself in “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” on his PlayStation 3. Meanwhile, his sister was immersed in the pursuit of mushrooms within the garden, which abutted a wooded area. Their early return home, preceding that of their parents, was a deviation from the norm.

At this juncture, the 17-year-old emerged from the woods, attempting to lay hold of Owen’s 8-year-old sister, who vociferated and struggled, in accordance with a report from the state police. Upon witnessing these events, Owen was seized by a thought: Should this stranger abduct his sister, she might be subjected to a fate as a captive of lascivious intent or even meet her demise.

As elucidated by Grimshaw, the suspect “advanced stealthily from her rear, grasping her as one observes in cinematic presentations—hand ensconcing her oral orifice, arm encircling her waist—and endeavored to draw her into the woodland.”

Owen extended his hand toward the slingshot and delivered two precise shots. Once his sister was freed, she entered the abode, tears streaming, and recounted to her brother the harrowing encounter. In a fit of rage, Owen rushed forth, voicing expletives as the man commenced his flight. Snatching up a baseball, Owen hurled it at the fleeing stranger, narrowly missing his shoulder. Owen subsequently returned to his slingshot, retracting the sling in preparation for a third shot. Alas, the plastic band snapped, resulting in Owen inadvertently striking himself across the visage.

The stranger managed to escape—though not with Owen’s sister.

The siblings contacted their mother, who, on her journey back from work, had paused to assist a relative. Her children were in a state of distress and incoherence, yet the word “kidnapped” was decipherable. Hastening home, she promptly alerted the authorities.

“For a few days, I was in a state of disbelief,” Maggie confessed.

The 17-year-old suspect was located concealed at a neighboring gas station, as disclosed by the troopers. In the Alpena County District Court, he faced charges of attempted abduction, endeavoring to commit a felony assault, as well as misdemeanor assault and battery.

“Distinct indications of injuries consistent with those inflicted by the slingshot strikes to his cranium and thorax were evident,” the police remarked in an official declaration.

Initially, Maggie found it incredulous that her son had struck down a stranger from a distance of 200 feet. His vocalizations were seemingly boisterous, she surmised. The police later informed her of the evident injuries sustained by the 17-year-old. They attested that during the interrogation of the suspect, the swelling induced by the marble strikes upon his head became progressively pronounced.

“You always assert that I fabricate tales!” Owen informed his mother.

“It was beyond my capacity to believe,” she conceded. “It only gained credence once substantiated.” The scenario appears to have been lifted from the pages of a Hollywood screenplay.”

“The occurrences depicted in films can and do manifest in reality,” Owen expounded.

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