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Murder Of Craig Sorger

The Tragic Fate of Craig Sorger

A Dark Tale of Betrayal and Brutality

Craig Sorger, a young lad hailing from Ephrata, Washington, met an untimely demise at the hands of his then-12-year-old acquaintances, Evan Drake Savoie and Jake Lee Eakin. Sorger, who grappled with autism, was lured by these two boys to partake in an innocent play session within a park adjacent to his abode. Within the confines of that park, Savoie heartlessly let loose a substantial stone upon Sorger’s delicate neck, sending him crashing to the earth below. This abhorrent act marked only the commencement of a merciless barrage of blows that befell the defenseless Sorger. Eakin promptly joined the vicious onslaught, employing a tree branch to inflict further agony upon Sorger’s cranium and arms.

Though graced with mild autism, Craig Sorger was by no means an introvert. Despite his learning challenges, he possessed a social prowess that allowed him to effortlessly forge friendships. Among those friendships were Drake Savoie and Jake Lee Eakin, both 12 years old when the tragic chapter of Sorger’s life unfolded.

The annals of history record February 15 as the fateful day when Craig Sorger’s life took a grievous turn. On this day, Savoie and Eakin beseeched Sorger’s mother for the privilege of his company. Her maternal acquiescence, however, soon gave way to mounting unease as the evening hours drew near without Sorger’s return. The ominous inkling was further intensified by the premature homecoming of Savoie and Eakin.

A desperate search ultimately led to the heart-wrenching discovery of Craig Sorger’s lifeless form, partially clothed, within the precincts of the park. The evidence of brutality inflicted upon him was glaringly evident. His skull bore a harrowing wound, while an ominous tree branch lay in proximity to his remains. Upon closer examination, the extent of his suffering came to light, with wounds adorning his neck, head, and torso. Savoie and Eakin, brought in for questioning, spun a web of falsehoods, asserting that the trio had been engaged in innocent tree climbing escapades when Sorger met his tragic end. This elaborate fabrication, however, crumbled under the weight of the evidence—Sorger had been subjected to 16 fierce blows to his head and neck, accompanied by 42 merciless stabbings.

While both Eakin and Savoie initially maintained their innocence, Eakin’s resolve wavered as time wore on. He eventually pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter through cooperation, laying the blame squarely upon Savoie. Eakin’s heart-wrenching account depicted Savoie’s heinous actions: Sorger was cajoled into a submissive posture, forced to kneel on the ground under the pretense of assessing its dampness, only to have a colossal stone, akin to a basketball in size, hurled upon him. Eakin’s futile attempts to halt this macabre spectacle were met with a violent shove. He further attested to his participation in the subsequent horrors, recounting how he delivered blows to Sorger’s immobilized form, impacting his limbs and torso.

Eakin’s penance for his role in this grim saga translated into a 14-year prison sentence. In a parallel vein, Savoie faced a far graver judgment. Initially convicted of first-degree murder, he was consigned to a punitive sentence of 26 years. However, the wheels of justice would turn anew. In the year 2011, Savoie’s conviction underwent appellate scrutiny, ultimately leading to its overturning. Following this development and amidst the specter of retrial, Savoie chose to acknowledge his culpability by pleading guilty to second-degree murder. The revised sentence that followed was a marginally reduced term of 20 years, a testament to the haunting echoes of a friendship’s tragic demise and the dark events that unfurled on that ill-fated day.p

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