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Lauren Kavanaugh Sexually Assaulted and Dropped in the Closet

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Lauren Kavanaugh

Lauren Kavanaugh Sexually Assaulted and Dropped in the Closet

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In order to utilize a terrified little girl as a sex slave to fulfill their sick cravings, her own parents confined her in a closet for five years. Her mother and stepfather forbade Lauren Kavanaugh from eating, tortured her and committed nightly rapes.

From the age of three, Lauren was held hostage in a 4 foot by 9 foot closet, cut off from her siblings and the outside world, in circumstances that eerily resemble the abuse perpetrated by Austria’s legendary sex offender Josef Fritzel.

She weighed just 25.6 pounds when she was discovered at the age of eight, the same as the typical two-year-old.
Despite only bringing Lauren out to rape and torment her, the nasty pedophiles referred to her as their “little secret.” However, they were apprehended when they flaunted Lauren to a shocked neighbor, who contacted the police.

Her organs were shutting down as she was being taken to surgery to be fitted with a colostomy bag.Student Lauren, now in her early twenties, is courageously sharing her harrowing story in order to support other victims of sexual abuse.

“Mom got so tired of hearing me cry one day,” she recalled.”She seized my arm and motioned for me to enter the closet.

“I spent hours there squished under a rail of shirts and gowns. I believed it to be a penalty.

“There was only darkness; there was no food or water.”Later, Lauren remembered being dragged from the closet and sexually assaulted.

She had just turned three.

They turned on loud country music to muffle my screams, she claimed.

“I was bundled back into the closet after being abused for hours, disoriented and in pain.

It then evolved into my new home.In the pitch black, I was helpless. I had to use it to use the restroom while I slept there. I was lying on a thin, wet blanket on urine-soaked carpet.Additionally, cigarettes were used to burn and abuse Lauren.

She experienced endless days of suffering and agony, yet she could hear her non-abused brothers and sisters smiling and playing.

“I was weak from hunger and restrained, so I couldn’t defend myself,” she claimed.

“I was forced to eat whatever was in the closet.

I was only permitted outside for punishment.

“One day, my mother gave me a bath and submerged my head.

Mom placed a bowl of macaroni cheese in front of me when I was six years old.

She said I could chew it, but she ended up having to spit it out.Lauren Sabrina and Bill Kavanaugh adopted her when she was saved in 2001, but her early trauma had a lasting effect and she would save food for later out of fear that it would go.

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