Kaala Paani (Review) – A Prefect Survival Thriller

Kaala Paani
Directed by: Sameer Sexena, Amit Golani
Genre: Survival, Thriller
My Rating: 8/10
In the Bay of Bengal, there are some islands in the territory of India called Nicobar and Andaman Islands. Ancient inhabitants of these islands do not allow the government to interfere in their affairs.
The islands are also famous for the Kaala Paani jail built during the British colonial era, where the British government used to incarcerate freedom fighters as punishment.

The story of Kaala Paani is about an epidemic on the island and the survival of the people. The show adeptly delves into a range of pertinent themes within its unique setting, such as the deep-seated casteism ingrained in society, the callousness with which the powerful regard others as expendable, and the far-reaching consequences of administrative corruption.

They made the story very well and each one did their part beautifully. How humans can never change their greed and do anything for their survival is explained well. Each character got interlinked well with the progress of the series and you never know what will happen.

Every character is written with so much authenticity and care that people feel invested and get interested to know about them.All the actors have given great performances.

Mona Singh’s role was for one episode but the character played by her is my favourite.The Series boasts exceptional direction and storytelling that will keep you thoroughly engaged. While a few episodes may seem slightly drawn out, the overall experience is truly remarkable.

If you are fan of survival thrillers then watch Kaala Paani on Netflix at earliest.

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